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September 25, 2009

Fall Business Women Online Expo - Booth # 22

I'm not sure I've ever posted a lot about me, but I have been featured/interviewed on other blogs, so maybe it's time to do so on my own blog!

My first Etsy shop is http://ennadoolf.etsy.com/ and it features handmade gifts ~ topsy turvy dolls, knitting nancy kits, Barbie clothes, photography, handknit scarves, hats, cup cozies and more.
In addition to ennadoolf, I have 2 more Etsy shops. There is PatternsAndSuch where I sell patterns (plastic canvas, sewing, knitting, crochet patterns) and crafting supplies like feathers, unique buttons, craft magazines - "and such"!
And then there is VintageAndSuch for a selection of vintage -- military, buttons, postcards, Canadiana, Girl Guide/Scout and much more!
I learned to sew on the Pfaff machine my mom brought to Canada from the Netherlands - she packed her belongings inside the cabinet along with the machine. At first I had lots of practice "sewing" a straight line without any thread and using lined paper. I still use a Pfaff now - and my mom still has that first machine.

I learned to knit in Brownies! Of course, every time I wanted to start a new project I had to ask my mom to cast on for me. That's changed now, and I'm trying new ways to cast on as well as being experimental in my knitting stitches and patterns.

I’m also involved with Girl Guides (aka Girl Scouts in the U.S.) and do the bookkeeping for two units as well as volunteer for the website e-guiding.com.

Thanks for visiting!!
And for those taking part in the Fall Business Women Online Expo this weekend, please enjoy a 20% discount in my shops! Simply type the code "Booth 22" during the checkout process and I'll send you a Paypal refund. (This offer ends Wed.Sep.30th.)


  1. hello fellow vendor (and esst team mate) much success this weekend!

  2. That's cool. I remember I wanted to be a brownie so bad, but I had too many after school commitments.

  3. You have the cutest shop! Wishing you much success this weekend during the Business Women's Expo!
    Michelle Buettner
    MiShel Designs

  4. What wonderful work, great colors.

    Rita J.
    Millie J.

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm going to begin visiting the Expo myself now.

  6. Hi fellow vendor, thanks for your comments on our blog. Isn't this fun? It's great to see new sites and meet new people! I was a crocheter, never really got the hang of the knitting, more power to ya'!!!

  7. Hm, looks like my first comment did not go through. I really like your knitted work; it looks warm and cuddly. I hope you have been having fun visiting the booths and I want to thank you for visiting mine - 25.



  8. Thanks for participating in the Expo, and thanks for such a wonderful post introducing us to you and your business. I'd say your mom did a wonderful job teaching you to knit, your work is beautiful..love all your scarves in your shop. I was a fellow Girl Scout for 13 years, such a wonderful experience for any young lady. Looking forward to following you and learning more about you and your business.

  9. Too funny about corker/korker. Of course, I had to google it!
    I browsed around all three of your shops..Your washcloths look so soft! And every girl needs a topsyturvy doll.


  10. Hey fellow vendor! Right off the bat as I visited your first store I loved the soft and cozy long scarf (blue an tan)...I can tell it's well made and fluffy, (I have a thing for scarves though I live in Florida, LOL.) I also really like your vintage shop. Great stuff and finds. Btw the way thanks so much for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the to-do list...I can't live without them.

    Now following you too. =)
    Have a fabulous weekend.


  11. Hi,
    I see you stay very busy too!!! It seems like everyone on the Womens Expo have lots of tallent and Esty shops.

    I love the doll....so sweet.

    Kelly Jackson
    Booth 20

  12. Fellow vendor (booth #14)popping in from GNO!
    I love the knit slippers, they look so comfy! I can knit a little. I started when I was pregnant and made hats, scarfs & blankets for the baby. I was on a roll and I haven't knit since he's been born. He's almost 2.

    Following your blog...

  13. That's a great story on how you learned to sew and knit :) You are very talented and have very nice shops :) Thank you for the nice words on my blog, I have entered you in my raffle and am following your blog :) Good luck this weekend


  14. Thanks for all your comments!

    I visited every single booth last night ~ and left comments where ever I was able.

    I hope the Expo goes well for everyone!

  15. Just popped in from the expo and I am enjoying all you do!

  16. Awesome awesome awesome. My fave is your vintage shop. I'll be adding u to my top ten list from the expo which i will be posting on my blog!

    Thanks for your comments on my booth as well! Check back in a few days to see my top ten post!

  17. You're amazing. I don't know how you have the time to fill so many Etsy stores!

  18. How adorable. Fun stuff, enjoyed it!
    Booth #21

  19. Great to get to know more about you! I love the sewing machine story! Great site! Trudy aka Momma Goddess

  20. Thanks to everyone for your comments! :)