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May 30, 2009

Free Pattern - Candle-Light Afghan

Free Pattern - Candle-Light Afghan

This pattern was in a box of items I picked up at a yard sale. It appears that several women worked on it because the back of one of the patterns shows a list of which women were working on different colours.

I decided to type it out here, but you can also click on the scanned pictures to see the original pattern. I proofread my typing, but I cannot guarantee that I didn't make a mistake. Your best bet might be to work from the original. Please note: I have NOT tested this pattern.

Candle-Light Afghan

approx size 54" x 72" including fringe

Materials Required:
- 4 ply knitting worsted in 4 oz or 2 oz skeins or balls "sayelle"
5 skeins of dark green (10 - 2 oz balls)
4 skeins of yellow (7 - 2 oz balls)
4 skeins of tangerine (7 - 2 oz balls)
3 skeins of white (6 - 2 oz balls)
- 3 "Hero Justrite" metal hairpin fork or Hero Great Loom No. 120 G 3"
- Bone Crochet Hook, size 4 (old size) new size 6.00 (Aero) to cable strips together
- Bone Crochet Hook, size 3 (Aero) to crochet strips on hairpin

Stitch Gauge - approx 4 stitches - 1 "

Note: The instructions are given in the color combination listed above. However other beautiful effects may be obtained by combining colors of your own choosing. To assist you in planning an afghan we estimate that three strips of 297 loops each can be made from 1 four ounce skein of four-ply knitting worsted.

12 strips of 297 loops each of Green (Dark Rose)
8 strips of 297 loops each of Yellow (Med Rose)
9 strips of 297 loops each of Tangerine (Light Rose)
6 strips of 297 loops each of White (Grey)

To Join Strips: Following general instructions assemble as follows ... starting with the centre strip 1 (see chart) Tangerine pick up the first 3 lps -- then pick up first 3 lps of strip 2 White and pull through the 3 Tangerine lps on hook -- pick up next 3 lps of strip 1 and pull through the 3 White lps on hook. Continue to end of strips alternating the pick up of lps first from one strip then the other. With matching yarn sew the last 3 lps to end of strip.

Pick up the first 3 lps of strip 3 Tangerine and cable to strip 2 White, 3 through 3 lps to end of strip, fastening last 3 lps with matching yarn. Pick up the other first 3 lps of strip 3, then first 3 lps of strip 4 Yellow and pull through. Cable all strips together in like manner always starting at the same end of work so that all cable joinings will be in the same direction.

After all 35 strips have been cabled together finish off the two long sides by pulling 3 through 3 lps. With Green work a shell edge as follows ... attach yarn in back lp of first stitch. * work a sh of 1 sc - 3 ac - 1 sc in back of lp of next st -- fasten with a sl st in back lp of next st and repeat from *

Fringe: Cut yarn in 11" lengths and knot 4 strands of corresponding stip color in end loops, one each side of crocheted centre of every strip. Trim evenly to finish about 4" wide.

Place afghan right side down on a large flat surface and steam-press lightly with damp cloth.

If you notice any typos in this post as compared to the pattern, please leave a comment or contact me and I'll make the corrections a.s.a.p. Please note: I have NOT tested this pattern.

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