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May 23, 2010

Happy May Two-Four

This is the Victoria Day weekend in Canada - many of us enjoy a lovely 3-day weekend honouring the birthday of Queen Victoria which falls on May 24th.  The holiday is always on a Monday so doesn't always fall right on the 24th of May as it did this year.

It usually marks the weekend that we can plant our gardens without fear of frost at night.  The plants we started indoors in late April have now been transplanted to the gardens. Next, we'll go look for some tomato plants.

Traditionally this is also the first big camping weekend of the year.  That's another reason we call this the May Two-Four weekend - not because of the date (24th) but because beer usually comes in a case of 24 and camping and beer just go together so well!

For most of us, its an extra day off work, and this year it is BEAUTIFUL weather here so I'm enjoying it and avoiding doing the weeding in the gardens.  :)

Finally, it's one of the few times we're allowed to set off fireworks! I can hear some going off in my neighbourhood as I type this. :)
[I took the above photo back in the 80s and scanned it in recently]

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