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November 06, 2010

Vintage Love Saturday - Dolls

Vintage Love Saturday

Vintage Dolls

My original Barbie - American Girl
My original Barbie is an American Girl - an early 1966 American Girl Barbie.
The butt markings on the American Girl Barbies differ and because mine has both raised and indented markings she is an early 1966.

That kind of ages me, too, doesn't it?  :)

I am planning to have her model some of the new fashions I will be adding to my ennadoolf shop on Etsy so watch for her debut there hopefully in the new year.

When I was younger I loved paper dolls too. 

Lennon Sisters - purchased on ebay
I had a set of Lennon Sisters.  Sadly we lost them during a move. 

I did find a well-loved set on ebay!  I bought them.  LOL 

Even though one of the sisters was missing, I loved the fact that they had fold marks at their ankles because I remember how fragile the ankles of paper dolls could be! All of them had tape to reinforce them.

Now I'll be adding them to my vintage shop on Etsy one day as I enjoyed the chase of recapturing my youth and am now ready for them to go to a new home.

This post is presented to you by my vintage shop - VintageAndSuch - and is part of Vintage Love Saturday hosted by Southern Lady's Vintage.


  1. Love the Barbie!! It is very interesting about American Girl Doll Barbies!! A little bit of trivia for you ...Do you know what Barbies' middle name is ??? Find the answer on my blog! : )

  2. Love the Barbie and the Lennon sister paper dolls! I can see my 1st Barbie in my mind and I bet my Mom still has her at her house. And I rememebr how fragile those paper dolls were too! I think all of mine eventually ended up with paper taped ankles! Thanks for the memories!!

  3. ... the Lennon Sisters ... my set had all 4 girls, also each in a different color swimsuit. Janet was smallest and I think she was in yellow. But their suits were solid colors, not with jazzy stars.

    ..... the things we remember .... I like the fact that your own Barbie will be on the runway for your shop ... I wonder if she's nervous. I never had a Barbie -- my friends and I were Tammy girls (the fashion doll by Ideal ... she came in a blue and white gym suit).

  4. I didn't have Barbie girls either, but my daughters did! I still have most of them. Love the paper dolls! I played with paper dolls for hours as a child! I watched the Lennon Sisters all the time, I guess I'm telling my age! lol!

  5. Love the paper dolls! Two blog hop entries this week on paper dolls, brings back memories for me!

  6. My first Barbie was from 65 and if you put her in water her hair changed color. Evidentally she wasn't popular..she wore out quickly and went to get another and they had discontinued them.