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March 09, 2011

Tips When Visiting the Dominican Republic

I received these recently and thought I'd share. If you have any tips you'd like to share, please leave a comment!

And if you've travelled to the Dominican and are wishing you were back on vacation, you need one of my Caribbean Memories dishcloths to remind you of your vacation while back at home!

Bring pen in carry-on to fill out customs/tourist info on the plane

All visitors Must get a Mandatory $10 US cash only Tourist Card Upon Arrival.
All visitors Must pay $20 US per person when leaving the Dominican Republic.

Make a couple of photocopies of the identification page of your passport. Leave one photocopy at home and take one with you, but keep it in an separate place to your passport.
The resort will keep a copy of your hotel confirmation (attached to your e-ticket, so be sure to print a copy for them)

Take a travel mug with stainless steel inside & lid - this will keep your drinks extra cold and also keep sand and bugs out of it.

Pack a swim suit and flip flops in your carry on. When you arrive at the resort your room may not be ready.

Clothes pins to hang your swim suit.

Watch as your luggage is put on your bus, get on the bus and relax and see the countryside on the way to your resort and watch to be sure your luggage is taken off the bus!

Men be sure to bring one pair slacks for a la carte restaurants

Bring $1 US dollar bills for tips (such as for maids, person who fills the fridge in your room, bartenders, waiters, bell hops etc.)

US funds widely accepted at hotel or when out shopping. If you are planning any souvenirs US dollars are accepted by everyone

There is lots of food at the resort. There is always a restaurant open somewhere and usually room service but if you crave snacks like potato chips, etc. you may want to bring some along.

Voltage the same as North America so no adaptor necessary

Bringing a floatie for the pool might be fun - and you can leave it behind for others to enjoy after you leave.

There are lots of activities at all resorts to keep you busy, but if you like, bring a book or magazine - or your knitting!  :)

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