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May 16, 2011

Who's Filming A Movie Outside My House?

Got home today and as I was gathering my things, I watched 3 vehicles turn onto my street ... very slowly.  Hm, my radar was immediately active!  I noticed all 3 vehicles had U.S. licence plates.  Hm, were they lost?
The vehicles pulled over and parked a few doors down.  Two men crossed the street to throw trash into the trash can at the bus stop (thank you, Strangers for keeping our city clean!). As they crossed back, I asked them if they needed directions.  They said no, and I noticed one carrying a movie camera!!

So of course I had to take photos to show everyone what was happening!  The gentleman in the suit walked down the driveway of a nearby church .. and they filmed him. 

Nothing too exciting, no car chase, no "fight", no real "action" at all.

But still!  A movie!  Being filmed near my house!!

1 comment:

  1. now you have to do some sleuthing and find out which movie it is, so we can see it when it comes out and tell everyone - nudge, nudge, that's near my friend's house.