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June 03, 2011

Tips for taking your knitting travelling

I receive the Knitting Daily newsletter (subscribe at http://www.knittingdaily.com/) and a recent newsletter contained these great tips for taking your knitting (and I'm sure, crochet, too) travelling!

This is a summarized version ... if you'd like full version, visit Knitting Daily here. (you may need to login to view)

1. Pick easy projects. "Easy" here is a relative term ... be honest with yourself about your skill level and choose projects that you can knit without having to give a lot of attention.

2. Pick small-ish projects. The smaller the project, the easier it will be to knit while you're traveling.

3. Choose your tools wisely. Socks are my number one project for knitting on the go ... for longer travel, I usually opt for Magic-Loop — nothing like making friends with everyone on an airplane as you attempt to chase down a dropped dpn.

4. Organize everything. ... whatever you use, make sure it has some sort of closure. Placing your knitting projects in bags also protects them from getting roughed up in transit.

5. Keep a notebook handy.Having your notebook and pen or pencil nearby ensures that you can make a quick note of your stopping point, or jot down any modifications you make on the go.

6.  Most importantly, relax!

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