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February 06, 2015

Tutorial - Popcan Tab Keychain

Tutorial - Popcan Tab Keychain

scraps of yarn
key ring
several popcan tabs

Cut yarn approx. 14 inches for adults to work with, longer for children.

Put yarn through key ring.

Yarn through first popcan tab: 
1/2 of one colour goes opposite way of the other 1/2 of the same colour...

Repeat for other colours and you'll have this:

Repeat for next popcan tab.

Repeat for all colours.

Repeat for next popcan tab(s).
Then tie a knot to keep it all in place.
(this is where children might need longer pieces ...
it took me 3 tries to do this knot using the lengths of yarn I had.)

Trim ends after knot.

For fun ... unravel the ends.

TA DA!!!!!!!

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