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June 15, 2017

Cutlery Keeper for Camp / Picnic / Pot Luck

Cutlery Keeper for Camp / Picnic / Pot Luck

Isn't this neat? 
My sister made it for me years ago based on a photo I sent her by email. This was in pre-Pinterest and pre-Facebook days! That's how long ago she made it!

I can see these being used for camp, picnics, and pot luck meals. 
Any other uses you can suggest?

That little bit of pink yarn you see is the bit of a repair job I did just before I went to a Girl Guide camp weekend. No more forks poking out of my dishes bag! By the way, what do you call your dishes bag? Ditty Bag? What else? Any other terms out there?

At camp the other leaders and some of the girls expressed an interest in this keeper and I realized I could use up more of my existing yarn stash as well as much of the plastic canvas I have it my house! So I've pre-cut as many keepers as I could from the plastic canvas on hand and now I'm all set for one meeting of Guides in the fall!! Talk about pre-planning, lol!!

Should I do a tutorial? 
Or is there already one out there somewhere?


  1. I like the idea. What is the count on the pieces?

    1. You can find written instructions here - https://www.girlguides.ca/WEB/Documents/AB/BrightIdeas/AB-BrightIdeas-CampCutleryCase.pdf - and I hope to do a tutorial and add it to my blog in the future.