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November 13, 2020

Tutorial: Marble Maze

DIY Marble Maze

Marble Maze

- 2 coordinating pieces of fabric
- marble or similar sized bead

Below is the pattern I made for the marble mazes I made.

I have seen them in varying sizes depending on need and recipient.
Mine were for a long term care facility so I wanted them large enough that the seniors would be able to use them and not lose them.

Cut 1 from each of your fabrics.

With right sides together, pin all sides, leaving a space to turn it right side out after sewing.

Sew all around (except for the space you left open!).
Trim your corners for less bulk in the corners when turned right side out.

Turn right side out.
Note the opening in the photo below, for the marble or bead.

Insert the marble or bead now.
LOL - full disclosure - on my first one, I forgot! 
And sewed up that opening before I added the marble.  Oops! 
Learn from me! Insert it now. :) 

Now sew all around the outer edge, as close as you can get, closing up the opening along the way.
I like to start and finish at the opening so that it has a double stitch.

Now you get to draw the maze!!
These are the 2 I used.

I have seen some that are very simplistic.
And some that have "dead" spaces where the marble or bead cannot access. 
How you design yours is up to you.

I also designed mine so the marble or bead would be very easy to maneuver. 

If you want yours to be tighter, you will need to make the lines closer together, so moving the marble or bead is more difficult.

So now you need to transfer the maze pattern to the fabric.


For this one, I laid the pattern over top, and by folding and checking, I made pencil dots at all the ends of stitches, and corners, to guide me as I stitched.

It wasn't the best method!!

Then I learned - and I punched tiny holes at those same points.
And used the holes to make the pencil marks on the fabric.
The pencil marks will wash out, but chalk might be a better bet.
For dark fabric, I coloured over the holes with a white piece of chalk.

Now, stitch the maze lines.
Move the marble or bead out of your way as you go.

Here are 2 completed mazes using my maze designs.

Here is the dark side of each one. 
I used a contrasting thread to show the design.
No, I'm lying.
I used a contrasting thread because it was in the bobbin and I hate changing the bobbin spools!! LOL

So that's it!!

Would make a great project for community service!
Useful for all ages.

Take care.
Stay well.

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