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June 23, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - You’re My Hero

You’re My Hero - Girl Guide book!

Over 400 wonderful stories and drawings and some amazing Guiding photographs have been compiled to form a great keepsake for our 100th Anniversary!

Not only that, You’re My Hero Media is donating $0.50 for every pre-ordered book (to June 28th) to create a special Scholarship.

The book costs $21 plus shipping (rates are listed online), with $8.00 going to Girl Guides of Canada.

Shipping charges drop dramatically as the number of books ordered increases, so talk to your friends, family and sisters in Guiding and order your books together - you will love the savings!

All pre-ordered books will be shipped the last week of July.

You can order your copy today at www.ymhggc.com

Bonus! There’s still a chance to have your hero story in the book! Just go to www.ymhggc.com, write your story and print it out. Then you can paste your story on the 'My Personal Hero' chapter in your copy of the book.
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