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July 02, 2013

Teams on Tuesday - Etsy Yarn-A-Holics

Etsy Yarn-A-Holics

This looks like an Etsy team I should join!

Here is what Pam has to say!

I'm the team captain for Etsy Yarn-A-Holics

I also manage the blog: yarnaholicconfessions.wordpress.com.

It contains a lot of yarn news articles, some tech stuff, yarn bombing photos, free patterns, and the occasional team shop feature (another leader handles these).

Essentially, when I see something yarny/geeky/cool I do a bit of research, and pass it on to our followers.

The blog is a place where knitters, hookers, and spinners unite. We will share favorite sale items, crafting tips, and hold contests in which you can participate.

ETSY YARN-A-HOLICS (eyah) is a moderated team on Etsy.com. It’s members are yarn-lovers from all over the world, with three main goals: trading from their stashes, participating in block exchanges, and creating for charity. If you’re interested in the same things, you can apply for membership by visiting http://www.etsy.com/teams/6293/etsy-yarn-a-holics

Thanks Pam!  I'm going to be visiting that blog quite often!

Pam has an Etsy shop too!  Find MyFavoriteAunt here

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  1. Yarn - A - Holics - Love the name as I guess I have to go to start going to YA meetings! HaHa. Those of us who knit understand all too well the love of yarn.