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November 08, 2015

Get Connected Again - Paper Memory Crafts

Get Connected Again
(Held Sat.Nov.7 in Tillsonburg)

What a great day!!!

Session 4: Paper Memory Crafts
Perfect for scrapbooking and presentations.
Let your girls complete program requirements and bring home something very worthwhile.

This is a very brief overview of each activity and I cannot remember in full detail each instruction. 
PLEASE feel free to leave a comment if you have more information and I'll update this post. 
Thank you!

In this session we were introduced to several paper memory craft ideas.
I started several of these ideas but didn't complete one, so the photos are the samples from class.

1. Photo Frame or Memories Plaque
Card stock with holes punched, ribbon added, and decorated.
Many uses discussed.

2. Paper Bag Booklet
2 paper bags with SQUARE bottoms (important - not flat)
Sewn up the middle before class.
Many uses discussed.

3. Accordian Booklet

Oops, this one was glued wrong.
Many uses discussed.

4. Puzzle Booklet
Squares on end are card stock. 
3 squares in the middle are double the size of the end squares.
eg. ends are 2" square, middles are 4" square.
Glued and folded to make the puzzle above.
Hopefully I can figure out the glue and fold from the photo above!
That's what I'm hoping.
Otherwise, google and/or pinterest will have to rescue me!

5. Tag Booklets (no photo, sorry)
Using tags approx. 4" x 1.5", attach 4-5 together with string or a key ring or similar
Decorate each tag
Add a photo to each side to make a mini photo alburm
Add an activity to each side that the girl may complete while at camp
Use as a mini autograph album
whatever you decide!

I think ALL of  these can be used as Camp Challenge booklet ideas.
Here is the one I've used in the past Click This Link.
But when I did that one, I just made it and handed it out.
If I use the above ideas, the girls can make them the first evening of camp, then use them all camp long. I think they'd have more of a vested interest in completing them.

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