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November 08, 2015

Get Connected Again - Wheat Weaving…Easy!

Get Connected Again
(Held Sat.Nov.7 in Tillsonburg)

What a great day!!!

Session 3: Wheat Weaving…Easy!
Learn some of the history behind the art of wheat weaving.
And try your hand at two designs, St. Brigid’s Cross and a woven-wheat valentine.

This is a very brief overview of each activity and I cannot remember in full detail each instruction. 
PLEASE feel free to leave a comment if you have more information and I'll update this post. 
Thank you!

St. Brigid’s Cross
We tried St. Brigid’s Cross using chenille, then I tried it with stems from the grains.

We learned that the grains we had were not the same as the ones used in the design at the top of this post so our results were not the same.
The stems from our grain were more rounded and not flattened so the pattern used above was not possible for us.
We decided to braid our grains to see what type of result we would get.

This one was made by another participant and she incorporated red ribbon.

We ran out of time for me to make my grain weaving so I took it home.
Today I made a replica of the example above.
The heart is not woven, but braided instead.

Not the same as the original sample, but not a bad imitation!

I wish I'd known about this in the summertime ... I would have taken some of the grain from the field where my sister had her wedding photos taken and made one of  these for Mary & John!

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