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August 12, 2016

Feature Friday - Handmade Corking Sets!

Feature Friday - Handmade Corking Sets!

 It has many names in many places!! 

Knitting Nancy
Corking Set
Peg Knitter
Spool Knitter
Knitting Knobby
Bizzy Lizzy
Knitting Spool
And in Italian - Caterinette
and Danish - Strikkelise

But its all the same!

Corking (Knitting Spool) Set

These are handmade by my husband - we bought some dowelling and he cut it to size, drilled them with his lathe, added the knobs/staples, sanded and finished them 
(boy, that makes it sound easy! - it wasn't)

making "strings" for a pair of mittens!

They won't break like the plastic ones!

And if you click here, you'll find a great handmade bamboo loom hook that will last as well!

For lots more handmade items, please visit my Etsy shop ~ ennadoolf.
One of my happy customers painted her corking spool - looks great!
Shop Local.
Shop Handmade.

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