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August 13, 2016

Saturday Spotlight - Connections Music Therapy

Saturday Spotlight 

Connections Music Therapy

1. What is the name of your shop or business and what do you offer/sell?
The name of my business is Connections Music Therapy (CMT). I offer in home music therapy services and provide both individual and group sessions. CMT specializes in congenital and acquired cognitive, physical, and mental disorders/disabilities. My current client age range is 4-26 with the majority of my clients having developmental disabilities or emotional/behavioural issues. 

2. Where are you located? or where do you travel?
CMT is located in Ingersoll and provides services to London, Woodstock, and surrounding areas. Currently, half of my clients are in London, while the other half reside in Oxford County. 

3. Do you have your own website/store or online link?
CMT can be found online at www.connectionsmusictherapy.com and 
can also be found 

4. How long have you been in business and how did you get started?
I have worked as a contract music therapist since 2013. The idea for CMT began in the summer of 2015, when I realized the need for in home therapy services in Oxford county, a rural community that does not have anything of this nature. By fall 2015 it was officially a business, with CMT having 3 clients. Currently, CMT has 20 clients and continues to grow. I am currently in the process of obtaining my Registered Psychotherapist designation, which will continue to open doors for more clients.

5. Who or what inspires you in your creativity?
My client inspire my creativity every day. Whether it is finding a new way to teach a skill, learning new songs or genres of music, or learning new ways to make interventions fun. Everyone is different, so I am constantly adapting what I do to meet the individual where they are. 

6. Do you listen to music when you work, and if so what kind?
Occasionally a client may request to listen to a favourite song or a recorded track may be used for relaxation, but typically all of the music we engage in is live on guitar. Piano is also incorporated at times. 

7. What do you like least/most about your business?
This was a tough question as I really had to stop and think if there’s anything I like least about my business. The answer is, there’s nothing I like least. I love every aspect of what I do, the families I engage with, the clients I work with, and the joys of being an entrepreneur. This has been the best career decision I could have made. Regardless of the type of day I’m having, going to work makes my day infinitely better. I find it’s not often when you are having a down or rough day that work makes it better, but it truly is the case for me. What I enjoy most about my business is seeing the smiles on my clients’ faces, seeing the smiles on parent’s faces, and watching everyone grow in their own way, whether that is learning a new skill, or something as simple as making eye contact. The client featured in this picture is Alex. I have been working with him for approximately five and a half months. When I began working with him, he would not make eye contact with me whatsoever. Now, all of our session include moments like this. 

8. Describe your workspace?
I provide in home services to my clients, meaning I go to their homes with my instruments. I also have a school contract in which I go to an elementary school. Each space is different, but going to clients’ homes allows for less anxiety on their part, as they are in a comfortable, familiar place. As the majority of my clients have some degree of anxiety, this is a key aspect to success. Once the client is comfortable with the session, we may move the location, such as with Alex, who now attends a studio space where he can explore more instruments. When I am not facilitating sessions, but instead completing paperwork or creating new interventions I work from my home office. 

9. What is one of your best moments in your business so far?
I am very grateful that I have had many fantastic moments in my business so far, from receiving two government grants, to partnering with the local Kiwanis club, and having large, well known organizations reach out to me inquiring about contracts. 
One of the absolute best moments thus far though would have to be a comment from a client’s mother as they were being interviewed about music therapy for a magazine article CMT was featured in. This client had tried numerous types of therapy, including cognitive behavioural therapy, art therapy, play therapy, and counselling, none of which were successful. However, they said after meeting me the first day, the client commented that I would be the one to help her, and since then her mother has commented that she has her daughter back - she’s joyful, laughing, and their relationship has bettered as well. Hearing that music therapy could have such a strong impact so quick was very humbling for me and confirmed that this is what I was meant to do. 

10. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their own business?
If someone was thinking about starting their own business the best advice I would give is to go for it! Do not wait for the right time, do not wait for later or tomorrow. Take charge and make your dreams a reality. It may be scary, and it may require a lot of work, but if it’s something you’re passionate about it will be well worth it. Local small business centres are a fantastic resource to use and very helpful if you are unsure what to do. But don’t wait, because you never know what you could be missing out on. 

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