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October 15, 2016

Saturday Spotlight: From My Garden - a New Book!

Saturday Spotlight

From My Garden - a New Book!

Gardening, in recent years has become a popular hobby and as the population of baby boomers retires the interest in horticulture increases. But more important, there also has been a heighten attraction from the younger generations.

The focus to get back to one’s roots, in a matter of speaking, seems to be one of the forces that draws people back to the garden. Whether you were raised in the country or remember those wonderful visits to your grandparent’s farm, it’s all about working with the warm soil, planting seeds and nurturing those plants to produce beautiful blooms or delicious vegetables.

I love my garden. It has taught me so much over the decades – patience, tolerance, acceptance, and the wonderment of Mother Nature. All of this inspires me to share my experiences and knowledge to get people excited about gardening and the food it produces


 I wrote this book ‘From My Garden’ earlier this year to encourage people to have fun  growing your own food and preserving the harvest. I enjoyed sharing my stories and secrets about the garden as well as some of my unique preserving recipes.

Nancy Abra

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