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October 06, 2016

Tutorial - Busy Book - the Binder


Busy Book - the Binder

This is how I would recommend this be done.

We used a paper-like binder that had some sort of laminated finish to it.

It was fairly small and thin, so it was what I wanted.

We removed the rings from the centre.

Below you can see the fabric pinned in place.

The white and blue pins in the centre mark where the spine is.
This is what inspired me to add the "braiding" feature.

Below is the book just before gluing it to the binder.

This is where my original plan fell apart.

I planned to use a spray adhesive.
On both sides of the binder.

What I did, didn't work so well.

So what I would recommend, is to mark where the centre is - where the book will fold down over the binder.
Mark it with pins first.
Then, turn it over, and on the inside, mark with chalk or similar - draw the line. 
This is where the top edge of the binder will go.

Then spray the binder, both sides.

Your hands will get sticky. 
The binder is sprayed.
You have to touch it to put it on the book.
Please leave a comment if you can do it without getting sticky!

Anyway ...
Put the binder in place on one half of the book.
Fold the book over the binder.
Try to smooth it as best you can.
The way I did it, this was next to impossible - I think this way might work better.

At this point, all your seams (3) will have raw edges.
Fold them under so all the raw edges will be inside.

On the one edge, I added a piece of bias tape for a loop to hold the book closed.

Then, if you can fold them but leave a bit of room, you can sew them with your machine.
I actually did this and it worked okay.
I don't know how to describe that, but play with it a bit and you'll see what I mean.

Or you can sew them by hand with a slip stitch.
Please leave a comment if you try this!
I'd like to know that someone had better luck than me with the spray adhesive part!

Finished book.

Can you see that I sewed the bottom seam with my machine?

The front cover - a little wrinkly.

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