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January 02, 2017

Tutorial: 18 inch Doll Booties


18 inch Doll Booties

I found a pattern on Pinterest to make booties for an 18 inch doll.
The lady has some GREAT ideas for boots and booties!
Faux fur and everything!
She's got some great YouTube videos, too, to show the details.

But I couldn't find the basic instructions to make the booties.

So I made this tutorial.

NOTE: I used fleece for my booties. If you are not using fleece, this tutorial may not work for you.

NOTE: I did not add a velcro closure to the back of the booties.

Step 1. Print Diane's pattern (link above) and cut out your pieces.
I used fleece for the top and toe pieces. 
I used cardboard for the inner sole and vinyl for the outer sole.

 Fold down the top edge about 1/4 inch or so, and sew with zig zag stitch (this works best with fleece).

The toe piece has a dotted line to show the stitch line.
I matched the centre of the toe piece to the centre of the cutout on the top piece.
Pin in place.
You'll need to stretch the top piece to fit.
You may also need to snip the centre where shown on the pattern.

Another view of how the toe piece is pinned to the top piece.

Another view of how the toe piece is pinned to the top piece.

Sewing the toe piece to the top piece with about a 1/4 inch seam.

Another view of sewing the toe piece to the top piece.

There.  All sewed.
At this point, you should top stitch the seam on the outside.
I forgot to do it.

In Diane's videos, she adds velcro to the back of the boot.
I decided to try the fleece bootie with the back seam sewn closed.
So I put the cardboard inner sole into place and measured where the back seam would be.
I pinned it.

Then I sewed the seam.

Then turn the booties right side out.

Time to glue in the cardboard inner sole.
I snipped around the outer edge a bit.
Here you see one bootie snipped, and one bootie not snipped.
That's important.
You don't want 2 left feet.

I used a glue gun and glued the snipped edges down to the cardboard inner sole.

Both booties glued.

Now time to add the outer sole.
If you view Diane's videos, you'll see she has some excellent suggestions for materials to use for the outer sole.
She also talks to making sure the outer sole is supported properly.

I decided to use vinyl and was not too concerned about  support.

Gluing the vinyl to the bottom.

All glued.


I wish I'd remembered to top stitch that seam though.

They don't look too bad.


  1. These litte tiny boots are SO cute! Thanks for joining Wonderful Wednesday this week. I tried to follow via blogger, but it gave me an error message. Do you have twitter or instagram? If so, please let me know.

  2. I know some "American Girls" that would love these! I'd be honored if you shared this at the Pleasures of the NW's DIY party!