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February 13, 2009


RAOK - Random Act of Kindness
Do you do them? I do. It started in Brownies. I read my Brownie manual because I love to read, and it had stories in it about the two little girls who were joining Brownies. They learned about Good Deeds and basically they were random acts of kindness. They also learned that a Good Deed didn't really count if you told everyone about it. I guess if they find out on their own, it's okay.

What was that movie that got the everyone talking about them? oh yeah - Pay It Forward. Not a bad movie. I watched August Rush the other night - I know, totally off topic from random acts of kindness, but I thought it was a good movie just the same. Many thanks to the person that recommended I watch it.

If you see an opportunity for a Random Act of Kindness, will you seize that opportunity? will you do it? I hope so.

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