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August 28, 2010

Vintage Love Saturday - Women of Unifarm Cookbook

Vintage Love Saturday - Women of Unifarm Cookbook

This blog post presented by my vintage shop on etsy: VintageAndSuch

I don't even know who the Women of Unifarm are or where I got this cookbook!  But I love it!

If I'm looking for a recipe, there's a good chance this cookbook will have it.  The cover and inside pages can attest to it's use!  See the stains?!  :)  That's a sign of a good cookbook!

From the inside first page:
A good Cook contributes more to the Health and Pleasure of Human Beings than does any other effort or profession.

Compiled in 1971, by the members of Women of Unifarm in Edmonton Alberta, there are recipes to cover every type of meal or snack or dessert. I thought the date might help me remember where I discovered this treasure, but since I had not yet visited Edmonton by 1971 it doesn't seem like I picked it up there. It will remain a mystery that my memory will not unlock.

Truly a good all-round cookbook.

Thanks Women of Unifarm, whoever you are!

Thanks, too, to Southern Lady's Vintage, a fellow vmteam member who started this Saturday theme - I can't wait to see what's up for next Saturday!

p.s. there's even a phone number written on the cover of my cookbook, and I obviously wrote it and I have no idea who's number that is, lol!


  1. Thank you so much for joining in! Interesting story about your book. Sounds like some wonderful recipes!

  2. What an interesting cookbook! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Hope they aren't waiting for you to call back......
    That book looks so interesting. 1971...hhmmm...
    time of communes.....