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August 04, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - S W A P S ! !


What are they?
Small mementos or crafts that Girl Guides and Girl Scouts will trade with each other.

I attended GM2010 (Guiding Mosaic 2010) the international camp hosted by Girl Guides of Canada where 9 countries were represented by wonderful girls (young women actually!) and women.

I love to give away the swaps I made - I had the Girl Guide stamp issued by Canada Post in 1960 and laminated it along with the camp logo.
And often I would be offered something in return. 
These are the swaps that girls and women worked so hard to make prior to camp - in some cases, they made hundreds of them!
There is so much thought and hard work that goes into each one.

Thank you everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I was on the internet looking for swap ideas when I saw these pictures and thought "huh, those Mountie tattoos look really familiar..." Then I read your post and realized they probably came from me! In my room I keep a specially decorated box for all my precious Girl Guide things. Sitting at the very top of that box is the laminated stamp swap that you made! I think it was a great idea, and is one of my favourite handmade swaps from GM2010 :)