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July 08, 2011

Tutorial - Mark Your Suitcase

Tutorial - Mark Your Suitcase

Suitcases on the baggage claim carousel all look the same!

You *think* you bought a unique suitcase, and then you see so many that look so similar!

What to do?

I saw a suitcase on a carousel once - and I *loved* what they did!  They put initials on the suitcase!

Since we were buying replacement suitcases for our ragged old suitcases, I decided to do the same!

First we thought we'd use liquid paint pens.  I tested that theory in a hidden area .. and the paint simply soaked into the suitcase fabric!  No to that idea.

Then we found the acrylic paints that used to belong to my husband's aunt.  I chose a bright yellow and it was perfect!

I used the word processing program on our computer to print out initials in the size we wanted (about 5 inches / 120cm high) and then I carefully cut them out to make the template.

I taped the template to the suitcase and painted!

We did 2 coats.

And then we went on a trip!  It was great!!!  We knew exactly which ones were ours!!

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