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March 17, 2010

Wednesday Wonder ... helping Haiti

I am amazed by what M accomplished recently - and she is truly a wonderful woman!
M grew up in Girl Guides and has become quite a resourceful young woman. Her mom H shared this with us, and I want to share it with you:
"My daughter called on ham radio yesterday to tell us that she had delivered the ton of flour & rice to the folks in Haiti for whom it was intended. They had a little trouble & off-loaded into dugout canoes.
Then they sailed out of Haitian waters as quickly as possible. M's cargo went where it was intended, but one of the other boats watched as the cargo that they had delivered was snatched by marauders.
We had some tense hours on Tuesday when no one had heard from her boat, & we were trying without success to reach her on HF radio.
M was in Haiti at the same time as Governor General Michael Jean, but Mme Jean was on a much bigger boat!
One reason for using the little sailboats is that they could enter harbours not accessible otherwise.
The organizers of this aid are raving about M, because of all the captains, she was the one who could use amateur radio to keep those back in America apprised of the progress of the expedition.
M asked me to phone the mother of one of her crew to tell her that her son had come through safely but I got the phone number wrong in the static & crackles. Darn! I'd love to have passed that message!"

H went on to say that M initially waited in the Bahamas till a group of boats had assembled because they were very worried about security.
So I just want to say how proud I am of this young woman that I don't know.
Kudos to you M!
(still doing good deeds!)

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