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September 08, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Knitted Wrapping Paper!

Is this not the coolest wrapping paper you ever saw??

I love it!!

And only $1.50 a roll!  And it's not a small roll either!!  The label says "17 in x 40 sq ft (43.1 cm x 3.7 m 2).  The roll is 17 in long and when you look at the end, there is .5 cm of paper around that cardboard centre! and it weighs a bit too.

As you can see from the photo - it's from Michaels!  And I was even able to use a coupon! So I saved money and didn't even pay the full $1.50 a roll.

And it inspired me ... see?  I made this cup cozy to match the design on one of the rolls.

Now ... here is the thing ... do I have to save this paper and only use it on handknit gifts? 

Maybe I'll use it to wrap the quality handknit items that are purchased from ennadoolf.etsy.com ~ now there's a great idea!


  1. Very cool, love it! I'll definitely look for this next time I'm at Michaels :).

  2. Nice colors and I love the knitting design on the wrapping paper:)


    I am from ETSY ufer.etsy.com

  3. Very Cool! I saw some cabled wrapping paper at Target last year, but it doesn't look as detailed as these! Wow, even cooler! I am going to look next time I'm at Michaels

  4. Love this wrapping paper, Anne! The knitted designs on stamps that the PO had either last year or year prior were awesome, too!


  5. Cathy, I'm assuming the knitted designs were on USA stamps - that would have been cool to use them. :)

  6. Nice pick! Thanks for the heads up, I'll share this on my kNotes for kNitters Facebook page too.

  7. How awesome is that? I love it! I'm going to look for it the next time I'm in Michael's!

  8. Great wrapping paper and cozy! I haven't seen the paper here, but will be looking.

  9. Awesome! Hmm, might have to get a relative in the states to buy it for me. I like your cozy too!

  10. Very, very cool. Especially love the cozy you knitted to match!