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April 23, 2009

did you Etsy.com today?

Have you?

did you Etsy.com today?

All you need to create an account is an email address.

Then you can start shopping.

Or start a Favourites page!

That will let others know what they can buy for you!

Visit Etsy.com today.

*This promotion is sponsored by individual Etsy shop owners, not the Etsy company.
original graphic by schugirl08

Hm, while checking out Etsy.com, be sure to visit these great shops!


  1. Great idea - did you create this graphic? I'd love to post a similar blog post but wondered if I could use your tag (and give you credit of course)?

  2. I saw this on another blog - the original graphic is by schugirl08 click on her name in my post and you'll find her Flickr page with the original. :)

  3. Thanks - I found a bunch on it in the Etsy forums!

  4. I have a question? How do you post the Etsy Buy Handmade on your blog? I would like to do more with my blog! Thanks Your blog is beautiful.

  5. Etsy is the absolute coolest! I've only been a buyer so far to date, but one day I'd love to try my hand at selling, too. In the meantime I'll just keep swooning over all the incredible creations that fills its gorgeous pages and wishing I had Bill Gate's bank account to buy handmade items with :)D