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April 01, 2009

Wednesday Wonder - Stu Stu Studio

A great shop on Etsy!

Here is their bio:

"Stu Stu Studio covers the husband and wife team of Tom and Cher.
I make the fused glass, he does the encaustic wax paintings.
I guess you could say that we are both into HOT STUFF!
Seamlessly fusing the Ancient arts, pyromania and rock n roll.
Not a bad life."
Check out their blog at tomcher.blogspot.com
or visit their shop at stustustudio.etsy.com


  1. {blush} Why, Thank You, Anne, this was sweet of you to feature us. You do wonderful things with your blog, your shop and obviously, with your life. It's been fun following your blog, and now it's even more fun ;>

    It's neat that we've also got "Anne" in common, it's my middle name, coming from my grandma.

    Say hi to the grandkids for me, I use their key chains and think of them daily.

  2. Now that I'm alive and kickin, here's a blog comment about your blog kindness!