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April 03, 2009

Spring Scavenger Hunt from Etsy Knitters Team

April 3rd - April 12th

Join in the fun of a Scavenger Hunt and get tons of special offers & discounts from the participating Etsy shops of the EtsyKnitters Street Team!

Here are the basics:

Click on the logo above and go to the official Scavenger Hunt website. There you'll find a photo listing of 30+ items and you need to find only 10 to qualify for prizes.
(Hint: they are all knitted items from the EtsyKnitters Team.)

Official Rules

Any registered Etsy shopper or shop owner may participate in the EtsyKnitters Spring Scavenger Hunt. (Etsy registration is free - visit Etsy.com to sign up!)

  • Shown are pictures of 30 wonderful knitting-related items to be found in our Etsy shops. These are your Scavenger Hunt "clues". Your challenge is to locate any 10 or more of the Scavenger Hunt clue photos in our shops.
    Hints! There is one clue photo from each shop; and, the photos are the first picture of the item shown, so they'll be super-easy to find.
  • Submit your entry form between Friday, April 3, and midnight MDT on Sunday, April 12, 2009, matching a minimum of 10 photo clue numbers with the corresponding EtsyKnitter's shops.
  • When we receive your entry with 10 or more correct answers, we'll send you the "magic code word" to get the following list of wonderful special offers and discounts from ALL of our shops!
  • Your Scavenger Hunt specials are valid throughout the Hunt, and for an additional week, through April 19, to give you plenty of time to shop.

There also is a list of the great discounts and offers that you will receive if you participate. And those will make your spring or early Christmas shopping so much more affordable.

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