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June 30, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Canadian, Please

I posted this last year for CANADA DAY but I love it so much, I'm repeating it!!

Canadian, Please.

Just in time for Canada Day, our guide on HOW TO BE CANADIAN! Help us oot and share this video to spread Canadian pride, eh!
Song & video produced by Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie

June 29, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - Christmas In July

Many shops on Etsy.com are having Christmas in July sales.

My shop, Patterns And Such, is too!

All Christmas related patterns have been marked down in preparation!

And a new Section listed to the right in my shop called Christmas In July Sale

Now's a great time to start thinking about handmade for Christmas for those special people on your list.

June 23, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - You’re My Hero

You’re My Hero - Girl Guide book!

Over 400 wonderful stories and drawings and some amazing Guiding photographs have been compiled to form a great keepsake for our 100th Anniversary!

Not only that, You’re My Hero Media is donating $0.50 for every pre-ordered book (to June 28th) to create a special Scholarship.

The book costs $21 plus shipping (rates are listed online), with $8.00 going to Girl Guides of Canada.

Shipping charges drop dramatically as the number of books ordered increases, so talk to your friends, family and sisters in Guiding and order your books together - you will love the savings!

All pre-ordered books will be shipped the last week of July.

You can order your copy today at www.ymhggc.com

Bonus! There’s still a chance to have your hero story in the book! Just go to www.ymhggc.com, write your story and print it out. Then you can paste your story on the 'My Personal Hero' chapter in your copy of the book.
For vintage Girl Guide memorabilia, check out my shop Vintage and Such on etsy!

June 22, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - Girl Guide Camp!

Visit the International Girl Guide Camp this summer!

Guiding Mosaic 2010 is the international camp being held in Guelph this summer.

And YOU can visit!!

The Visitor Registration page for Guiding Mosaic 2010 is http://guidingmosaic.com/visitor_registration
(Click on the link under the happy face wearing sunglasses to access the information page)

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Open House Day is Sunday, July 11th

No reservations are required and all visitors will be given a 1 hour narrated tour of the camp, highlighting the main points of interest.

Tours are offered begining at 9.30am, 10am, 10.30am, 11am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, 2pm and 2.30pm.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Visitor Tours

GGC Members and members of the public can take a 3-hour narrated walking tour of the camp, visiting all of the points of interest.

There is no cost for tours, but reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Dates for visitor tours are July 9, July 11, July 12, July 14 and July16

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Other options for visitors are available, as you can see on the website, and they are for Members Only.

June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

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Father's Day selections from Etsy shops affiliated with Team ESST.

Visit my shop, Patterns And Such, a member of Team ESST

June 16, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Casting on in the middle

Does a knitting pattern tell you to add stitches part way through your work?

I've never really learned the proper way to do that and made my own way.

And now I've found this!

Check out this blog post "Casting on in the Middle".

And remember, if you don't knit and want to purchase quality hand knits, simply visit my ennadoolf shop on etsy!

Photo from "Casting on in the Middle".

June 15, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - fore!

I joined a golf league.

Interestingly enough, I play on Tuesdays!

So far, I'm enjoying getting out there and improving my game. If you'd asked me as little as two years ago I would have told you I'd never join a league because I didn't enjoy it then. I don't know what's changed - oh maybe I have. I play better. My hubby gave me some great tips. He watched me at the driving range and provided some pointers for improvement. There is so much to remember! LOL And when I do remember it all - or most of it anyway - I hit a darn good ball!

I even found a golf bag to match my golf club cover and set of score-beads! I knit a golf club cover last year in blue and white yarns. Then when I joined the league I made a set of score-beads from blue and white pony beads. What luck when I found a golf bag at a yard sale (practically new!) that was blue and white! So now I'm all set, right?  hehe   Nope.  I want to make a better golf club cover. I'll just add that to my To Do list, LOL

Do you think I should knit some golf club covers to add to my shop? I have a variety of quality hand knit gift items there now. Maybe I'll add some in the months to come.

p.s. tonight we played the back nine and I got par on the 13th!

June 13, 2010

My Garden - Peonies

My peonies.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I really don't like gardening.

But I do like the flowers IN my garden!!

For photos of my garden for sale, please visit the Photography Boutique in my etsy shop.


June 09, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Maytag and That 70s Show

Ever wonder what Maytag and That 70s Show have in common?

My old washing machine and dryer!

And when it was time to replace my set a few years ago, we sent it to the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa!

If you have something that you feel should be preserved - whether or not it's the same model that was on a popular tv show or not - consider presenting it to the curators for their approval to be added to the museum!

For my washer/dryer, I researched to make sure it was the same make/model that was on the show. My parents had *almost* the same set, but they had one less button than mine, so I knew mine were the same as the ones on the show.

So, if you're ever at the Museum of Science and Technology, look for my washer and dryer!

My name won't be on them - I chose to give them away with no strings attached so my name is not displayed as the donor.  I just know they're mine.  :)

June 08, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - Celebration!

Today I'm celebrating!

My knitted dishcloth was shown on the front page of Etsy.com on Saturday a.m. for about an hour!

There are a cajillion things for sale on Etsy!

So knowing one of my items was pictured is huge!

And it was knitted!!

So let's celebrate all that is knitted ... with these fine selections from the Etsy Knitter's Team.

June 02, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Doozers like to knit

Remember Fraggle Rock?

Well it appears that the Doozers like to knit!

and to sing about knitting!

"...stitch 3 drop 4 pitch that knittin' out the door..."

June 01, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - Vintage!

Vintage on Etsy
Etsy.com is Your Place to Buy and Sell All Things Handmade, Vintage and Supplies.

That's "straight from the horse's mouth" as they say - or direct from the Etsy website.

I have 3 shops on Etsy!  One for Handmade, one for Vintage and one for Supplies!
These pictures are from some Vintage Crafting booklets I just added to my shop!  I love that cute little bunny - and the pattern is included in the booklet!  and isn't that hot pad neat?  I wonder if I can make one of those ... I really like it.

My shop is a member of the Vintage Market Team
You can find over 14,000 vintage items by searching vmteam on Etsy! 
Here is just a sampling:
 There are SO many great vintage shops on Etsy and this is a great way to find them
... check out the Vintage Market Team blog.