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September 28, 2011

Where in the World .... ?

Where in the world have I shipped to?

The answer, my friends, is in the sidebar of this blog!!

Simply scroll down and watch the right hand side of the page!

You'll see a list of Countries, as well as the states in USA and the provinces in Canada!

Selling on Etsy, truly is an international experience!!!

Visit my shops now
- ennadoolf  for Quality Gifts for Men, Women, Teens and Children
- PatternsAndSuch  for Patterns for Plastic Canvas, Knitting, Sewing and Craft Supplies and more!
- VintageAndSuch  for Vintage Military, Housewares, Collectibles & Treasures

September 27, 2011

Girl Guide Cookie Contest!!

Contest Details

We know that you love Girl Guide Cookies! Now we want to see just how much! Get Girl Guide Chocolatey Mint Cookies and enter our “Thinking Outside the Cookie BoxContest! Show us your creative and crafty sides by submitting a craft made out of, what else but Girl Guide cookie boxes (and/or their contents)! We want to see crafty murals, mosaics and more!

The contest will offer prizing for two separate submission categories: submissions by GGC Members/Staff and submissions by our fans and supporters (non-Members). One winner from each of these categories will be selected by an online voting system open to the public. Each will each receive:

•A $100 Sears gift card
•5 boxes of Girl Guide chocolatey mint cookies
•Girl Guide merchandise
•Special mention on our blog as one of the craftiest Cookie lovers of them all!

Click Here for More Details!!

September 20, 2011

Girl Guide Mint Cookie Time!!

Watch for local Girl Guides with Mint Cookies!

Over the next few weeks, mint cookies are being distributed across Canada.

Girl Guides will be selling cookies in local businesses, malls, door-to-door . . . and if you know a Girl Guide (or a Spark, Brownie, Pathfinder or other member) then contact them to buy your mint cookies direct!

September 08, 2011

Crochet and Knitting on TMZ ! ! !

Crochet and Knitting on TMZ ! ! !

Yes, the staff on TMZ said it!

They were discussing that Rosé wines were making a comeback - "everyone is drinking Rosé now!" one staff member says.

"Are they gonna start Crocheting too?" asks Max, and then he mimics knitting motions and says

"Get Ma Knit On"
I think we need to send him a pair of knitting needles, some yarn, and a link to How to Knit on YouTube. 

September 05, 2011

Tutorial - Small Tags for Handknits

Tutorial - Small Tags for Handknits

I wanted some small tags to attach to some of the handknits I make for my etsy shop ~ ennadoolf ~ and thought I'd try Shrinky Dinks.

My local Michaels store only had one kind of Shrinky Dinks in stock, so that is what I bought.

They are the "bright white" ones with both sides being shiny - no rough side.
That means I could only use permanent markers on them, not colouring pencils.
I cut out several shapes in various sizes.

cut shapes

All of these photos were taken on my cutting board where you can see the 1 inch squares to give you an idea of sizes.

I figured that the items would shrink to about 30% of their original size.

The Shrinky Dinks sheets were 8 inches wide x 10 inches long, so I cut the sheet into 3 pieces - each 8 inches wide and using 1/3 of the length of the sheet.

before - in inches

before - in centimeters

I shaped many of the corners so that they would not have sharp edges.
And I cut some circular shapes too.

Decorate each piece as you'd like - with pictures, words, etc.

If you plan to punch holes, do that now.  Remember the hole will shrink too.

I punched holes using both a 1/4 inch and a 1/8 inch punch.

ready for the oven
after the oven

in the oven ... starting to curl and shrink

in the oven ... about half time
after - in inches

after - in centimeters