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April 29, 2009

Wednesday Wonder - bald eagle

I wonder if the bald eagle is nesting by the river again?
I took the above photo last year in May. The adult was feeding a young one in the nest - I like to imagine it was a fish. It's not a great photo but we were much farther away than it appears here. We used binoculars for a better view of the nest. This adult watched us the entire time - it was at least 10 minutes if not more. Then the adult flew away.

April 28, 2009

Teams on Tuesday - Fiber


Not the stuff you find in Raisin Bran!

Fiber arts include knitting, weaving, crochet among others ... and also includes spinning and preparing the fiber, as well as things like felting after the fact.

I'm a member of the Fiber Arts team on Etsy - EtsyFAST . The team incorporates artisans from all over the world who are using their hands to turn various forms of fibers into beautiful artworks, wearables, and supplies. The team encompasses all forms of fiber arts. Click here to see the great variety for sale on Etsy!

For me, its just knitting for now, and there's enough to learn to keep me going for a long long time. hehe And I have a stash of yarn to keep my projects going for a long long time too!!

Here is a sampling of the EtsyFAST team!
The items pictured are:
- Cotton Candy, Buttered Popcorn at the Moving Picture Show, Pink n Golden Yellow Flowered, Handknit Scarf by CricketsCreations
- Beach Bag ...Shopping Bag ...Tote Bag by ennadoolf
- Little Moons Crocheted Earrings in grey by FebystanDesigns
- Bakery Box of Four Felt Cookies with Pink Beaded Icing and Ribbon Trim by hondamom
- COTTON CANDY -- Hand-woven pink and purple striped rug by finnishweaver
- Wood Rose Single Ply Merino by OnTheRound
- Pink Sweetheart Brooch by boutiquepinkdesigns
- Playing in the Kettle, Hand Dyed, 5.4 ounces, Mill Ends, Wool Combed Top with Mohair, Roving by FiberFancy
- Felted Basket in Cream, Pink and Sage Green by cozycottagecreations

Fiber. It's not just bran!

April 27, 2009

My Garden - Pasque Flower

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I really don't like gardening.

But I do like the flowers IN my garden!!

This weekend the Pasque Flower bloomed.

It's a perennial that is slowly expanding the area it is in. Thank goodness it's not an aggressive spreading plant like some of the others that seem to take over the entire garden.

Copies of my Pasque Flower are available for sale in my Etsy shop ennadoolf.etsy.com

April 24, 2009

Great Ride 'n' Stride - goal accomplished!


I reached my goal.

Last year, I raised over $700 for the Canadian Cancer Society and this year I really wanted to reach the same goal.

I think I did! I received more than half via the online pledges (click the picture to see that page) and the rest was given to me in person. I have one or two more people who said they'd pledge me and haven't paid yet, so I'm pretty sure I'll surpass it.

Its so great to see the support. I appreciate every single pledge, no matter how small. It all goes to help the Canadian Cancer Society.

Thank you.

April 23, 2009

did you Etsy.com today?

Have you?

did you Etsy.com today?

All you need to create an account is an email address.

Then you can start shopping.

Or start a Favourites page!

That will let others know what they can buy for you!

Visit Etsy.com today.

*This promotion is sponsored by individual Etsy shop owners, not the Etsy company.
original graphic by schugirl08

Hm, while checking out Etsy.com, be sure to visit these great shops!

April 21, 2009

Teams on Tuesday - Volunteers

This week is Volunteer Week.

Volunteers are the quiet heroes of our communities – it’s citizenship in action! Volunteers strengthen not only the social fabric of our local communities but also the economic base of our great province.” - Michael Chan, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (Ontario)

Thank a Volunteer this week.

April 19, 2009

Helping Mother Earth one Bag at a Time

It is almost Earth Day.

What better way to help Mother Earth than to stop using plastic?

There are many alternatives, including buying handmade, quality tote bags - or make your own.

Here in my Etsy shop - ennadoolf.etsy.com - you'll find both!

April 18, 2009

Rrroll Up the Rim - 8th - and last - week

I guess it's over.

This past week, my regular Timmies only had rolluptherim cups available in one size.

And this morning there were no rolluptherim cups at the Timmies I went to.

So, to end the Rrroll Up the Rim for 2009, I had ...

... drumroll please ...

11 free coffees out of 56 coffees purchased.

It was fun while it lasted and I'll look forward to next year...

While waiting, I'm going to knit myself a new cup cozy.
I need something to dress up my morning coffee.
I think it will be a bright and cheery one like this one:

April 16, 2009

Etsy Finds and Give-Aways

Here is a cool blog: rainbowswirlz.blogspot.com

There is always a give-away going on - and its easy to enter and fun to browse some new Etsy shops.

What's even more fun, is winning one of the give-aways!

And remember to "follow" the blog so that you can keep up with all the give-aways via your own dashboard (or similar, depending on where you blog).

April 14, 2009

Teams on Tuesday - Scavenger Hunt Congrats!

Congratulations to all those who completed the Etsyknitters Scavenger Hunt!

All participants who found 10 or more of the scavenger hunt items received the "magic code word" and now have access to discounts and other offers from 30+ EtsyKnitter shops!
... including ennadoolf.etsy.com of course!


April 13, 2009

connections ...

Never confuse the devices that connect us
with the moments that keep us together.

I heard the above great quote on a commercial on tv tonight but I have no idea what the commercial is for ...
... but that's besides the point.

A father comes home after work and is checking his cell phone, his wife and kids are also checking other electronic devices - laptops, whatever.

And then the father sees a photo of the 4 of them 'round a campfire and we hear it:

Never confuse the devices that connect us
with the moments that keep us together.

Love it.

Want to have more moments to share?
Perhaps sharing a skill?
Want to try corking?
Purchase corking sets at this link to my ennadoolf shop.

April 11, 2009

Rrroll Up the Rim - 7th week

I won 2 more coffees this week!!

That means I'm now 9 for 51 - very darn good!

Rrroll Up cups are few and far between now, so the campaign is winding down for this year. I still have hope of more winners - as long as their are cups to rroll, there is hope! LOL

Now, while we wait for the next winning cup, and with Earth Day coming up, remember that cup cozies will help the environment by saving double cupping!
Come buy one here: ennadoolf.etsy.com

April 08, 2009

Wednesday Wonder - Topsy Turvy Dolls

Topsy Turvy Dolls

They are just as their name suggests!
Each doll has a dual personality.

On the one side, she has a happy face. On the other side, there is a sad face.
Exactly right when empathy is needed!

After making one of these dolls for my granddaughter, I thought I'd buy some more fabric and try again.
I made several more and they are available in my ennadoolf etsy shop.

The doll pictured here isn't for sale because she's mine. :) And the gingham in her "happy" skirt is vintage fabric - my mom made dresses from this fabric for my sisters and I when we were much much younger than we are now.
She gave me the fabric recently, so this doll, and her vintage family heirloom skirt, is staying with me. :)
For more topsy turvy dolls, visit the Dolls Boutique at ennadoolf.etsy.com.

April 07, 2009

Teams on Tuesday - Thompson Turkeys

Yes, this is an old photo. LOL
Please let me introduce you to the Thompson Turkeys, thus named because a team-member had a brother working in Thompson,Manitoba and he supplied the tshirts.
Great team.
Hm, speaking of old (um, the photo! not those in it!), check out the cool vintage finds in my PatternsAndSuch shop! Click here to see them.

April 05, 2009

Rrroll Up the Rim - 6th week

I haven't gone out yet to get today's coffee.

This week my main Timmie's didn't have a Roll Up The Rim cup in the size I ordered!

oh, horrors!

But then the next day they did. whew!

So there is still a bit of time left, but that is a sure sign the number of cups is getting limited...

I did win another coffee this week!

My winning cups are now 7 for 45. That's a little better than 1 in 6.

And hubby gave me one more winning coffee!
Remember, save the environment and use a cup cozy - in fact, buy one from my Etsy shop!

April 04, 2009


Remember when I told you about treasuries on Etsy?

This morning when I got up, there was only about 7 minutes to wait for a treasury!

A few days ago, I'd prepared a poster sketch of bicycle themed items so that I could do a treasury that might inspire viewers to sponsor me in the Great Ride 'n' Stride.

So this morning, I waited as the treasury numbers dropped from 336 to 335 to 333 and then the magic window opened, and here is my treasury!

(click here to view - but please note, it expires and disappears Mon. Apr.6th at 11 a.m.)

April 03, 2009

Spring Scavenger Hunt from Etsy Knitters Team

April 3rd - April 12th

Join in the fun of a Scavenger Hunt and get tons of special offers & discounts from the participating Etsy shops of the EtsyKnitters Street Team!

Here are the basics:

Click on the logo above and go to the official Scavenger Hunt website. There you'll find a photo listing of 30+ items and you need to find only 10 to qualify for prizes.
(Hint: they are all knitted items from the EtsyKnitters Team.)

Official Rules

Any registered Etsy shopper or shop owner may participate in the EtsyKnitters Spring Scavenger Hunt. (Etsy registration is free - visit Etsy.com to sign up!)

  • Shown are pictures of 30 wonderful knitting-related items to be found in our Etsy shops. These are your Scavenger Hunt "clues". Your challenge is to locate any 10 or more of the Scavenger Hunt clue photos in our shops.
    Hints! There is one clue photo from each shop; and, the photos are the first picture of the item shown, so they'll be super-easy to find.
  • Submit your entry form between Friday, April 3, and midnight MDT on Sunday, April 12, 2009, matching a minimum of 10 photo clue numbers with the corresponding EtsyKnitter's shops.
  • When we receive your entry with 10 or more correct answers, we'll send you the "magic code word" to get the following list of wonderful special offers and discounts from ALL of our shops!
  • Your Scavenger Hunt specials are valid throughout the Hunt, and for an additional week, through April 19, to give you plenty of time to shop.

There also is a list of the great discounts and offers that you will receive if you participate. And those will make your spring or early Christmas shopping so much more affordable.

April 02, 2009

April First Weekend Shopping Extravaganza

This coming weekend is the "April First Weekend Shopping Extravaganza" sponsored by Team ESST on Etsy.
This event will run from Thursday, April 2 - Sunday, April 5, 2009.

Shop NOW for 20% off all items in my Patterns And Such shop (not including shipping)!

Be sure to include "April Sale" in your message to seller when you check out!

If you pay by Paypal, I'll issue a refund. If you'd rather, just send me a convo and I'll adjust the price and reserve your item for you.

ALL Etsy shops - Handmade, Supplies, and Vintage - are invited to participate by placing an announcement in your shop and joining in with promoting your shop on the "Official" Promotional thread in the Etsy Forums. Click Here for the Promo thread in the Etsy Forums.

April 01, 2009

Wednesday Wonder - Stu Stu Studio

A great shop on Etsy!

Here is their bio:

"Stu Stu Studio covers the husband and wife team of Tom and Cher.
I make the fused glass, he does the encaustic wax paintings.
I guess you could say that we are both into HOT STUFF!
Seamlessly fusing the Ancient arts, pyromania and rock n roll.
Not a bad life."
Check out their blog at tomcher.blogspot.com
or visit their shop at stustustudio.etsy.com