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November 29, 2011

Squeaky TV set!

Connected to our tv we have all those little speakers that make up a surroundsound system - not something I ever would have thought we'd need but apparently a necessity where hubby is concerned. ;-)

Those little speakers are cool when sounds travel around the room and really do add to the movie experience for lots of different movies. 

They're a bit of a pain in the butt for different noises too - like a doorbell on tv always seems to come through the speaker closest to our front door.  How did they do that? And sometimes other noises only come through certain speakers so I think there is a noise in the kitchen or coming from the bedrooms.  [sigh]

Part of the sound system is a black box that sits on the floor - it has a proper name but it has something to do with the bass sounds.

What does all this have to do with a Squeaky TV set?

patience.  :)

We noticed that during certain shows or movies our tv squeaked!  It was so odd!  It wasn't always the loudest show.  And seemed to be random.  It was an odd squeak.  Maybe the speakers in the tv?  Maybe the tv was broken?  Hubby didn't seem to notice at first ... so I made sure to point it out to him.

When my daughter comes to visit, she will sometimes bring her cat so that he can run outside. We have a few toys here for when he comes to visit.  And the toys are on that black box.
See that mouse in the basket in the photo?  Well, it squeaks.  And apparently the vibration from the bass unit is enough to cause it to squeak!  And it squeaks whenever the black box vibrates!  LOL

Mystery solved.

November 23, 2011

Vintage On Sale! Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Vintage On Sale! 

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Members of the Vintage Market Team on Etsy
are having sales in their shops.

Click this link to see a list of participating shops
and their coupon codes / sales details.

VintageAndSuch is offering
15% off
with coupon code VMTEAMBFCMSALE
(that's a long one - feel free to copy/paste!)

November 16, 2011

What is SSK to you?

I ran an errand at lunch today and passed by a parked car and the license plate was ### SSK  (#s not important to this story!)

My first thought was SSK - Saskatchewan!

And then immediately after, my thought process changed to Slip Slip Knit!

Yep, I was thinking knitting even when I wasn't knitting!

And for those of you that don't know, SSK is a combination of stitches used in knitting ... often used for airy or lacey patterns or when decreasing stitches.

November 14, 2011

THE SCARF PROJECT - Made with love. Worn with Pride

Made with love
Worn with Pride

Here is the scarf I sent to them:

They hope to have to have 2,500 uniquely hand made scarves by February 1, 2012. These scarves will be proudly worn by every athlete, coach, and volunteer attending the Games and will become the symbol of our country’s support and celebration of our Canadian Special Olympic athletes.

November 13, 2011

Stand Up To Bullying

November 13th - 19th, 2011
is the ninth annual
Bullying Awareness Week

The theme: "Stand Up to Bullying!"

"Everyone has the right to be respected
and the responsibility to respect others"

November 09, 2011

More Vintage Newspaper clippings

Remembrance Day is November 11th.

Here are more newspaper clippings from my father-in-law's scrapbook.

November 07, 2011

Vintage 1943 Newspaper Clippings

Remembrance Day is November 11th.

We came across these vintage newspaper clippings from 1943 - my father-in-law saved them in a scrapbook.

I knit this poppy last year in remembrance.

November 06, 2011

SALE!! Oh Canada Team!!

That's right!  Members of the Oh Canada Team on etsy are having a SALE this week!

Shop now for the holidays!

Patterns And Such is offering 20% off!

Use Coupon Code HOLIDAY at checkout to receive 20% off!!

November 05, 2011