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December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I used to make such noble New Year's resolutions!
At the end of each year, I'd plan ahead and that plan included miraculous make-overs to my body that would be accomplished with minimal effort. And each new year those plans failed.

So now I make New Year's resolutions to do things I want to do! Sometimes I include "need" to do items as well, but I try to keep those to a minimum.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you make New Year's resolutions.

My 2011 New Year's Resolutions

1. Learn to crochet.
I learned new knitting techniques as my New Year's resolutions for the past few years so this year it is time to learn to crochet. There are so many beautiful patterns out there that call for crochet instead of knitting so it's high time I learned. I've had several people offer to help me and I know there must be a gazillion YouTube videos as well - and I already have crochet hooks! I'll have to check their sizes, but they came with knitting needles I picked up at yard sales and they are in lovely metallic colours so they must be fun to work with! Please leave a comment if you have a great project that is perfect for newbies to learn to crochet.

2. Continue organizing.
The book Organizing from the Inside Out was a godsend. I think I will have to take it out of the library again so that I can review several tips and refresh my memory. I just skipped on over the the library website and reserved a copy so I'm on the way to making some progress on this resolution already! 

3. Knitting UFO's.
UFO = Un-Finished Object. I don't have many unfinished knitting projects, but I do have a few and I know I love knitting those particular patterns so I'd like to get back to them. I know there is a beautiful shawl waiting for me to dive back in and continue working with that soft Patons Divine yarn, and there is a soft white scarf partially knit out of a very soft cotton yarn that wants me to pick it back up and finish it, too.

4. Sewing UFO's
Hm, I'm not sure if I want to add this one ... I know I have a box of Barbie gowns and Barbie faux fur coats that are all cut and waiting to be sewn, but I'm not sure I want to commit to actually buckling down to finish them all. If I add it here then I will resolve to make the attempt. I really do want to sew up those items and now that I've typed it out, it feels good to know that I may see some progress on reducing the UFOs in that box.

I think that's enough.

I certainly don't want to set the bar so high that I don't accomplish anything at all.  [grin]

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know about your 2011 New Year's Resolutions.

December 30, 2010

Top 10 List

Hm, the radio said today that this is the time of year that Top 10 Lists are popular. 

So I thought I'd do one too!

My Top 10 List for 2010.

10.  Finished the pair of socks where I learned to knit the pair using circular needles - I used the book Knitting Circles Around Socks and it was a great teaching tool!  I loved the step-by-step instructions and the helpful photos.  I love the colour of the socks - it was hard to tell looking at the yarn that they'd turn out to look so camouflage!

9.  I started organizing my house in a more organized fashion!  Reading Organizing from the Inside Out was most helpful.

8.  Girl Guides in Canada celebrated 100 years in 2010! And I was blessed to be able to take part in events throughout the year!

7.  The Vancouver Olympics!  And those fantastic red maple leaf mittens that were seen internationally.  And those beautiful sweaters the Canadian Olympic team wore at the closing ceremonies.

6.  Visiting the Caribbean.  [sigh]

5.  The world helped Haiti, and continues to help.

4.  I took part in the Great Ride 'n' Stride against Cancer - it was my 29th year and the last one to be held in my city. Luckily I've located another town nearby where I'll be able to take part in 2011.

3.  My sister and I each donated a Barbie to the Pretty In Pink charity auction at a local art gallery.

2.  I learned to golf.  I joined a golf league and even saw improvement.

1.  My Work Sock Cup Cozy was featured on the Trendwatch page of the December issue of Canadian House & Home Magazine.

These are in no particular order.

Hm, looking back, it was a good year.

Next:  Resolutions!

December 23, 2010

Peace and Goodwill

In 1943, Lady Baden-Powell said,
"Thus do we Guides, of all kinds and all ages and of all nations, go with the highest and the best towards the spreading of true peace and goodwill on earth.

December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

Today is Winter Solstice.

We've had so much snow already that it's hard to believe that winter didn't officially start 2-3 weeks ago!

For an economical way to purchase some beautiful photos, consider bookmarks from my etsy shop ennadoolf.

December 16, 2010

My Baci quote

I received a Baci chocolate today.  My quote is:

Learning not to love others leads to not loving oneself any longer.

May you all experience love in this holiday season.

December 12, 2010

Recipe - Devilled Eggs

Devilled Eggs

First off, let's talk about the best way to peel hard-boiled eggs.  

Your eggs should not be fresh - the best way to peel hard-boiled eggs is to let them sit in your fridge for a week or a bit more before hard-boiling.  That will make them so much easier to peel. 

The other tidbit is to make sure you tap both ends (round and pointy) to break the shell, as well as all 'round the egg.  Break that shell all up before peeling. 

If you like, rinse the egg in water to make sure you get all the shell .. I find this makes the devilled eggs slippery, though, so keep that in mind.

For more tips on perfect hard-boiled eggs, visit the Egg Farmers of Ontario!

Now, for my devilled eggs recipe.

Well.I must confess that I don't really use a recipe!  ... but here goes ...

Cut eggs in half lengthwise, putting yolks into a bowl and whites onto tray.
Add to yolks:  salt, pepper, spices (I have a spice mix called Spicey Pepper Medley that I'll use, and/or some seasoning mixes - just be sure they're powder)
I always add some mustard - I love to use those special mustards that come in Christmas cheese baskets because they usually add that right touch of flavour.
And then I add some more flavour in the form of barbeque sauce or similar for a bit of tang.
Also last I add some mayonaise or similar dressing (eg. Miracle Whip or similar).

As for measuring, well, it depends on how many egg yolks are in the mix. I never really measure. I leave the Miracle Whip/mayo until last so that I can judge how much is needed to give the yolks the right devilled eggs consistency.  Not too much; not too little.

And that's it.

There is never any left at my family's functions. I'm lucky if they make it out of the kitchen!

If you have a secret ingredient or a devilled egg recipe for your family, post a comment and let me know!

In the meantime, c'mon over to ennadoolf on etsy and browse my dishcloths to make clean-up in the kitchen a bit less of a chore!

November 11, 2010

Work Sock Cup Cosy in Canadian House & Home magazine

The December 2010 issue of Canadian House & Home magazine has hit the stands!!

Turn to the last page - TrendWatch - to see my Work Sock Cup Cosy!

Isn't that exciting?!

To get your cup cosy, please visit my shop ennadoolf now.

And then run to your nearest magazine vendor to pick up your copy of the magazine! It's a great issue with 100+ decorating ideas! 
(I'm going to make a cup of tea and read my issue now ... if I can stop flipping to the TrendWatch page!)

Remembrance Day Poppy to Knit

November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada.

I found a lovely poppy pattern to knit here 
... thanks Laura!

... do remember to donate to the Poppy Fund if you make one.

November 10, 2010

"HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS" a Vintage Team Promotion

My vintage shop on Etsy - Vintage And Such - is a member of the Vintage Market Team.

And the Vintage Market Team is holding a Home For The Holidays promotion this holiday season.

View this slide show for a sneak preview.

And be sure to visit Vintage And Such - where we are promoting 20% off items in the SALE section. Purchases must be completed between November 10 - 24th.  Simply enter the code "vmteamhoho" in the Notes To Seller field when you check out with your purchase, and I will refund your discount to your Paypal account.

November 09, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - EtsyKnitters Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide featuring the Etsy Knitters Team

Thanks so much to Jackie of JackieDKnitBoutique for organizing the Etsy Knitters team's feature on the Handmade Spark!

Knitting is not just scarves and mittens!

Just look at the skill and variety of knits available from this team.

And that is just the smallest possible sampling you can imagine!

Simply click here to search for EtsyKnitter Team items available for sale on Etsy.

I'm thrilled to be part of such a skilled team.

To see the quality handknit gifts for men, women, teens and children
in my shop, visit ennadoolf.etsy.com

November 06, 2010

Vintage Love Saturday - Dolls

Vintage Love Saturday

Vintage Dolls

My original Barbie - American Girl
My original Barbie is an American Girl - an early 1966 American Girl Barbie.
The butt markings on the American Girl Barbies differ and because mine has both raised and indented markings she is an early 1966.

That kind of ages me, too, doesn't it?  :)

I am planning to have her model some of the new fashions I will be adding to my ennadoolf shop on Etsy so watch for her debut there hopefully in the new year.

When I was younger I loved paper dolls too. 

Lennon Sisters - purchased on ebay
I had a set of Lennon Sisters.  Sadly we lost them during a move. 

I did find a well-loved set on ebay!  I bought them.  LOL 

Even though one of the sisters was missing, I loved the fact that they had fold marks at their ankles because I remember how fragile the ankles of paper dolls could be! All of them had tape to reinforce them.

Now I'll be adding them to my vintage shop on Etsy one day as I enjoyed the chase of recapturing my youth and am now ready for them to go to a new home.

This post is presented to you by my vintage shop - VintageAndSuch - and is part of Vintage Love Saturday hosted by Southern Lady's Vintage.

November 05, 2010


Fall Back

Remember to set your clocks BACK an hour this weekend!

ZZZzzzzzz .... an extra hour's sleep!!

October 23, 2010

Vintage Love Saturday - Rescuing Linens

Vintage Love Saturday

Rescuing Linens

Isn't this a cute little zipper pouch?

It was sold in a shop on Etsy - Making Cents - and I contacted the shop owner to tell her how much I loved it.
Sadly it was sold.

We have a vintage tablecloth that my husband's grandmother embroidered. It has seen better days but I'm hoping that a project similar to this one might help me to rescue the tablecloth!

It's a great way to ensure that all the detail in vintage items is saved for future generations.

And yes, another project to add to my never-ending list! 

Some day.

I'll try to find the tablecloth and add a photo of it to show some of the embroidery I plan to save.

What other ideas do you have for rescuing linens?  Leave them in a comment!

This post is presented to you by my vintage shop - VintageAndSuch - and is part of Vintage Love Saturday hosted by Southern Lady's Vintage.
And part of Air Your Laundry Friday on Freckled Laundry.

October 10, 2010

♥ Have a Very Nice Day =)

♥ Have a very nice day. =)

I have 2 favourite Timmies ~ I visit both regularly depending upon my travel route and staff at both do recognize me.

I don't know if the above was specifcally designed and written for me or if the Tim Hortons staff randomly wrote on bags and I happened to get one.

Either way, it made me smile.

And see how great my Work Sock Cup Cozy looks on the Timmie's cup?
And so eco-friendly because there's no need to double-cup.

October 09, 2010

Vintage Love Saturday - Some BUNNY Loves You

Vintage Love Saturday - Some BUNNY Loves You

Here are a few of my favourite vintage bunny patterns.

A good friend made a bunny very similar to the ones in these patterns.

She made it for my daughter for a birthday ... it was so well made and the bunny was well-loved.

I am sharing these patterns as part of Vintage Love Saturday hosted by Southern Lady's Vintage.

These are all available in my etsy shop Patterns And Such so go ahead, buy one and start sewing!

October 07, 2010

Chocolatey Mint Girl Guide Cookies are Here!

Chocolatey Mint Girl Guide Cookies are Here!

Contact your local Girl Guide office to find Chocolatey Mint cookies near you!

You can buy cookies from your local Girl Guides. 

Call our cookie customer service helpline at

September 29, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Mary For Mayor

My sister is running for Mayor of Ramara Township.

Mary said:
"I just feel there is different things we can be doing in the township and I just want to get out in the Ramara Township and see what the people want."

What the people want.

Too often we find that politicians have their own agendas.

I generally don't talk politics.
Political conversations often grow into heated discussions. In my experience both sides voice their opinions and neither is able to convince the other to change their opinions or views. 

Recently there was a vote held in Canadian government. It doesn't really matter what the vote was for - but on the news, I heard that one of the politicians from Nova Scotia was not going to vote the way his party wanted him to. Why?  Because he was going to vote the way his constituents wanted him to.  Well, isn't that why we vote people in to office in the first place? and why do so many of those elected forget that so quickly?

If I lived in Ramara Township, I would vote for Mary.

I am proud of my sister.

If you live in Ramara Township, I hope you vote for Mary.

September 28, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - Oh Canada!

The Oh Canada Team is a group of proud Canadian Etsy sellers who love to promote and support our shops and designs. Our team is friendly, helpful and talented!

Click here to find quality items from the Oh Canada Team for sale on Etsy.

Artists featured above are all members of the Oh Canada Team.

September 27, 2010

Monday Memories - Music and Song Triggers

This morning I opened my iTunes and the first song that started playing was There's a Kind of a Hush by Engelbert Humperdinck.

I was immediately taken back to planning for my wedding!

We had trouble coming up with a First Song for our wedding day and when then-not-yet-hubby and I heard There's a Kind of a Hush by Engelbert Humperdinck playing on my 8-track player, we immediately knew it was the song for us!
Funny how the song doesn't remind me of the actual wedding dance eh?  It reminds me of the moment we chose the song. I can tell you where we were, what we were doing, and all that.  :)

What music or songs trigger your memory? 

Share some of your good memories in the comments below!

September 25, 2010

Vintage Love Saturday - Dutch Tiles

 Vintage Love Saturday - Dutch Tiles

These beautiful Dutch tiles are available in my etsy shop Vintage And Such.

I have quite a few other Dutch items in my home and it was hard to make the decision to part with these - the colours are so vibrant!

I'm proud of my Dutch heritage and hope these tiles find good homes.

Thanks, too, to Southern Lady's Vintage, a fellow vmteam member for this Saturday's theme for vintage!

September 11, 2010

Its Shinerama time!

Looked out my window this morning and grabbed a shot of the beginning of
in London.

These enthusiastic Western students weren't even the first I'd seen . . . I'd already been out and about and had the stickers on my tshirt to prove it!  But you know I couldn't let them leave my front door empty-handed ~ that would defeat the purpose of what they're doing!

Shinerama is the largest post secondary fundraiser in Canada for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CCFF). Cystic fibrosis (CF), which affects the lungs and the digestive system, is the most common, fatal, genetic disease affecting Canadian children.

Thanks to all the students in all the post-secondary institutions across Canada giving up their time today to help raise funds for Shinerama.

September 08, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Knitted Wrapping Paper!

Is this not the coolest wrapping paper you ever saw??

I love it!!

And only $1.50 a roll!  And it's not a small roll either!!  The label says "17 in x 40 sq ft (43.1 cm x 3.7 m 2).  The roll is 17 in long and when you look at the end, there is .5 cm of paper around that cardboard centre! and it weighs a bit too.

As you can see from the photo - it's from Michaels!  And I was even able to use a coupon! So I saved money and didn't even pay the full $1.50 a roll.

And it inspired me ... see?  I made this cup cozy to match the design on one of the rolls.

Now ... here is the thing ... do I have to save this paper and only use it on handknit gifts? 

Maybe I'll use it to wrap the quality handknit items that are purchased from ennadoolf.etsy.com ~ now there's a great idea!

September 07, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - We Knit

The Etsy Knitters Team
EtsyKnitters is a group of knitters from around the whole globe. The only prerequisite to join is that you have an Etsy store with 25% dedicated to the craft of knitting. So grab your needles, yarn and pull up a chair. We are here to share knowledge, discuss both the usiness and pleasure sides of knitting, and promote knitting in Etsy and elsewhere. We must all be smiling KNIT-friends!

Click here to find quality items from the Etsy Knitters Team for sale on Etsy.

Artists featured above are all members of the Etsy Knitters Team.

September 06, 2010

Monday Memories - Labour Day ... School Days

Okay, this photo wasn't taken at school, but it is at a desk!

I don't remember much about Grade 1, but I do have a couple of distinct memories from the primary grades.

One is the cloakrooms at the back of the classroom ... just a coat and boot area that was walled off from the classroom, but no doors at either end.  And one rule:  No Talking In The Cloak Room.

Of course, that's where you gather to take off your coat and boots at the beginning of the day when you're seeing all your friends, right?  So what do you do?  You talk!

And I did.  And I got caught.

That was back in the day of corporal punishment.  The days of the strap.  No, I didn't get the strap, but I do remember my teacher telling me to hold out my hand and she touched it with a ruler.  LOL  I bet she barely touched me.  But to me, it was so traumatic.  I mean, I was such a little goody two-shoes!
Well, I still talk too much now so I guess it didn't scar me for life eh.

What are your earliest memories of school?  Good?  Bad?  Leave them in comments (though you're probably limited word-wise).

Hope everyone had a great Labour Day today!

September 04, 2010

Vintage Love Saturday - Kitsch-y Crafts!

This blog post presented by my vintage shop on etsy: VintageAndSuch

These vintage craft books have such kitsch-y covers!

I love them!

As a kid I used to love going through books just like these and figuring out what could be made from the odds and ends in my house.

That was before recycling, upcycling, and refurbishing were popular words.  Back then, it was make do with what you have because very few people went out and bought things. It might not be so bad that we are returning to that way of thinking ... and using new tags such as recycling and upcycling to make that a cool thing.

These books, among others, are available in my shop VintageAndSuch.

Are you looking for rainy day activities for the kids?

Are you a teacher looking for recycling ideas?

Do you run a Guide or Scout Troop/Unit and want to teach recycling?

These books may just help you along your way.

Thanks, too, to Southern Lady's Vintage, a fellow vmteam member for this Saturday's Kitsch theme for vintage!

September 01, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Beautiful Fiber Creation

Isn't this BEAUTIFUL?

I was visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario and this beautiful fiber creation was in the gift shop.

I ♥ love ♥ it.

Soft.  Feathery Soft.  Soft Colours.

Just ... beautiful.

August 31, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - Vintage

The Vintage Market Team on Etsy

The Vintage Market Team is a collection of shops that sell on etsy.com and are committed to supporting vintage and the professional skills of vintage sellers. We embrace and support new Etsy sellers and help them strengthen their presence on Etsy!

Click here to find quality vintage items from the Vintage Market Team for sale on Etsy.

Artists featured above are all members of the Vintage Market Team.

They are: tasticlife, hatchedinfrance, funretro, AntiquesGaloreGal, jherrmann, VintageAndSuch, DovelySells, HeyChica, AccessoryAddiction, daisytoad, HornetsNestVintage and takapitcha

August 30, 2010

Monday Memories - the Drill Press and Pin Cushions

Tools are wonderful things. 

They make life so much easier.

It's just a matter of knowing which is the best tool for the job.

Like when I was making these pin cushions.

The first thing you need to do is to put small holes into the caps from water bottles.

This is so that you can insert an elastic and tie it.  Hm, maybe I'll do a tutorial in a future post and show you what I did.

Anyway, we were watching tv, my hubby and daughter and I, and I was sitting on the floor with a sharp object and making the holes in the caps. It was tedious work.  I used the sharp object and I would twist and turn it ... ee-ee, ee-ee ... it was a bit squeaky.  After 15 minutes or more, during a commercial, my hubby and daughter, almost in unison asked what I was doing.  So I showed them the finished pin cushion and how I had to make little holes in the caps.  Then I proudly showed them the 1 or 2 I had finished in those 15 minutes or more.

Then, again almost in unison, they asked "why don't you use the drill press?".

My response was ... "wha...?"

So they showed me the drill press.


I finished another 20 or 50 caps in less than 5 minutes!!

The drill press was the right tool for the job.

Definitely not the squeaky sharp object that I can no longer remember what it was ... just that it went ee-ee, ee-ee ... because it was a bit squeaky.

Do you think I should have these tiny pin cushions available in ennadoolf.etsy.com ~ leave a comment and let me know what you think!

August 28, 2010

Vintage Love Saturday - Women of Unifarm Cookbook

Vintage Love Saturday - Women of Unifarm Cookbook

This blog post presented by my vintage shop on etsy: VintageAndSuch

I don't even know who the Women of Unifarm are or where I got this cookbook!  But I love it!

If I'm looking for a recipe, there's a good chance this cookbook will have it.  The cover and inside pages can attest to it's use!  See the stains?!  :)  That's a sign of a good cookbook!

From the inside first page:
A good Cook contributes more to the Health and Pleasure of Human Beings than does any other effort or profession.

Compiled in 1971, by the members of Women of Unifarm in Edmonton Alberta, there are recipes to cover every type of meal or snack or dessert. I thought the date might help me remember where I discovered this treasure, but since I had not yet visited Edmonton by 1971 it doesn't seem like I picked it up there. It will remain a mystery that my memory will not unlock.

Truly a good all-round cookbook.

Thanks Women of Unifarm, whoever you are!

Thanks, too, to Southern Lady's Vintage, a fellow vmteam member who started this Saturday theme - I can't wait to see what's up for next Saturday!

p.s. there's even a phone number written on the cover of my cookbook, and I obviously wrote it and I have no idea who's number that is, lol!

August 25, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Hostas and Rose of Sharon

My Hostas and Rose of Sharon bushes are in full bloom this week.

I'm not much of a gardener - there are probably as many weeds in my garden as flowers - but I do enjoy the blooms of these wonderful perennials.

You can own a piece of my garden!
Photos available here.
Bookmarks available here.

August 24, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - WWWG

WWWG Team on Etsy

The focus of the WWWG team is to support the shops of Etsy grandparents. We will have competitions and challenges, promote our shops in treasuries and come up with creative ways to be a visible and active team.

WWWG = Wild Wise and Witty Grandmamas (and we have one or two grampa's too!)

Click here to find WWWG team quality handmade items, supplies and vintage treasures for sale on Etsy.

Artists featured above are all members of WWWG.

They are: JNPottery, beadbarnsupplies, junebugjan, jonikay52, rorolee, Gamut, circleinthesand, QuiltSewPieceful, sagewest, ennadoolf, BethPeardonProds and jewelrybyvicki

August 23, 2010

Monday Memories - Earliest Memory

What is your earliest memory?

And can you validate that it's truly a memory and not something from books you've read, movies you've seen or other people's experiences?

My earliest memory must have been traumatic because I *do* remember it! And my brother, who has been documenting our family tree and former residences and such, can validate that we did used to live on a farm with a driveway that had a small not-quite-a-creek crossing it that was dry most of the year but would probably make a mud hole each spring.

And that is the set up for my memory:

We're in the car, probably coming home from church.  Because I'm in a pretty dress and I have Brand New Shoes on!  I doubt that we were able to receive Brand New Shoes very often.  But the car got stuck in the mud.  My mom carried my baby sister who'd be about 2-3 months old.  My dad carried my toddler sister who would be about 15-16 months old.  That meant ... you guessed it.  I had to get out of the car and Step In The Mud with my Brand New Shoes. 

And I would have been just over 2  1/2 years old so that's a pretty early memory.

And you can see how that could be traumatizing?


I'm sure my older brothers were just fine traipsing through the mud!  Funny how I do not revere shoes now! I am not a shoe-aholic at all. I guess that incident cured me of ever having that issue eh!

What is your earliest memory?

August 19, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Wish Book: Joy. Wish. Inspire.

My post is a day late. I had it all typed up and the power flashed off.  So I went to bed.  LOL

But the Sears Wish Book arrived Wednesday!

It just seems so early.

I suppose it comes around this time every year, and I do like to start thinking about gifts for others.

This year, I love the cover!

Joy.  Wish.  Inspire.

We try to bring joy to others.
We wish the best for others.
And we hope to inspire others to do the same.

It must now be time to prepare my shops for the holiday season ...
... visit Patterns and Such if you need inspiration or patterns to make hand made gifts for those on your list
... visit ennadoolf to purchase quality hand made gifts
... visit Vintage and Such for one-of-a-kind vintage items for the hard-to-buy for people on your list

Joy. Wish. Inspire.

August 17, 2010

Teams on Tuesday - FAST


EtsyFAST incorporates artisans from all over the world who are using their hands to turn various forms of fibers into beautiful artworks, wearables, and supplies.

We encompass all forms of fiber arts ~ this is the common bond for all members of EtsyFAST.

As a team, EtsyFAST works toward spreading the word about Etsy and Fiber Arts through the joint efforts of the members.

Artists featured above are all members of EtsyFAST.