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December 26, 2011

The Time You Have Spent

The Time You Have Spent
(author unknown)

The time you have spent as a volunteer,
Be it half a lifetime or just a year.
Will have it's effect on such far reaching ways,
It can never be measured in hours or days.

But we want to say thank you for doing your part,
For giving your hand and giving your heart.
Thanks for the smiles when you wanted to weep,
For the camping trips when you couldn't sleep.

For car pools and nosebags and sit upons,
For lighting the way to the outdoor johns.
For running and phoning and meeting and waiting,
For hiking and swimming and roller-skating.

But thanks more than ever for years yet to come,
When someone remembers the job that you've done.
And memories brighten a young women's face,
In some other time and some other place.

December 10, 2011

Work Sock Cup Cozy

Is it possible that I inspired this?

Bernat now has a "Work Sock Cup Cozy" pattern.

And it's been a few years now that I've been selling my Work Sock Cup Cozy in my Etsy shop ennadoolf.

My design was even featured in Canadian House & Home magazine in December 2010!
So when I received my Bernat email that features their yarns and patterns yesterday, do you blame me for thinking that maybe I inspired their new pattern?

It's not the same as mine - and I must admit that I think mine is a better design since the centre part is easier to hold ... because after all, you will be holding the cup.

What do you think?

December 04, 2011

Free Pattern - Trefoil Cup Cozies

(1) TO KNIT:

As I was knitting cup cozies I thought about all my Girl Guide leader friends and decided to design a cup cozy they could use!

This pattern was published in the Winter 2011 issue of the Canadian Guider.

Trefoil Cup Cozies

 If you have any problems knitting this pattern, leave a comment on  this blog with your email address and I'll contact you - we'll work it out!  ☺

Also available on Ravelry at Knit Cup Cozy


(2017) I made an attempt at a crochet cup cozy.

The pattern is available free on Ravely here: Crochet Cup Cozy

(to contact me, leave a comment on the blog, or contact me through my etsy shop ennadoolf)

Knit a Sweater in 80 Seconds!


Okay, maybe it wasn't quite knit in 80 seconds, but this video shows a sweater being knit in 80 seconds - very cool!