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September 30, 2009

Wednesday Wonder - I'm in the Top Ten!

Melissa put together a Top Ten post from the participants in the Fall Business Women Online Expo, and I'm in it! She spotlighted the scarf above from my ennadoolf shop and this magazine from my VintageAndSuch shop. Thanks Melissa!

Here is her blog post: click here.

My favourites from the Expo include her Beachy Bliss line (necklace shown above).

One of my other favourites from the Expo are the Beach Series of mini paintings at Hershberger and Huff.

September 29, 2009

Tuesday Teams - Girl Guide COOKIES are HERE!

You know you want some!

These are the Chocolatey Mint cookies.

If you don't live close enough to me, then contact your local Girl Guides to find out how you can buy yours!


Chocolately Mint Girl Guide Cookies!!

September 28, 2009

FABRIC SALE!! October 3rd and 4th only!!

ALL FABRIC in my Etsy Shop PatternsAndSuch will be 20% off listed price (not including shipping) on Saturday October 3rd and Sunday October 4th.
I am taking part in the Team ESST October Weekend Shopping Extravaganza.

September 25, 2009

Fall Business Women Online Expo - Booth # 22

I'm not sure I've ever posted a lot about me, but I have been featured/interviewed on other blogs, so maybe it's time to do so on my own blog!

My first Etsy shop is http://ennadoolf.etsy.com/ and it features handmade gifts ~ topsy turvy dolls, knitting nancy kits, Barbie clothes, photography, handknit scarves, hats, cup cozies and more.
In addition to ennadoolf, I have 2 more Etsy shops. There is PatternsAndSuch where I sell patterns (plastic canvas, sewing, knitting, crochet patterns) and crafting supplies like feathers, unique buttons, craft magazines - "and such"!
And then there is VintageAndSuch for a selection of vintage -- military, buttons, postcards, Canadiana, Girl Guide/Scout and much more!
I learned to sew on the Pfaff machine my mom brought to Canada from the Netherlands - she packed her belongings inside the cabinet along with the machine. At first I had lots of practice "sewing" a straight line without any thread and using lined paper. I still use a Pfaff now - and my mom still has that first machine.

I learned to knit in Brownies! Of course, every time I wanted to start a new project I had to ask my mom to cast on for me. That's changed now, and I'm trying new ways to cast on as well as being experimental in my knitting stitches and patterns.

I’m also involved with Girl Guides (aka Girl Scouts in the U.S.) and do the bookkeeping for two units as well as volunteer for the website e-guiding.com.

Thanks for visiting!!
And for those taking part in the Fall Business Women Online Expo this weekend, please enjoy a 20% discount in my shops! Simply type the code "Booth 22" during the checkout process and I'll send you a Paypal refund. (This offer ends Wed.Sep.30th.)

September 23, 2009

Wednesday Wonder - More Knitting on TV ads

A while ago I noticed a knitted bird hanging from the rearview mirror of a car in a tv ad/commercial. I posted about it as "Golf, Cars, and ... Knitting". Do you think there has been a big rush on people buying little knitted birds? If so, you should check out NattyKnits on etsy - she makes adorable little birds and things!

Anyway, tonight, I saw another!!

This time in a popcorn tv ad/commercial!

I'm pretty sure it looks knitted, though I'll admit there is a slight chance it is crochet.

And this commercial is great like the last! with the big tough men playing "tea party" at the end.

September 22, 2009

September 19, 2009

Slippers - no time for photos...

I knit a slipper last night but had no time to take a photo to add these slippers as a work in progress!!

Busy day today so may not get the other one started/done until tomorrow, but will hopefully take a photo part way through.

I love the way these slippers look.
Here is a pair I already made and will be listing in my shop soon.

Check out my shop ~ ennadoolf ~ for other knitted gifts and handmade items.

September 16, 2009

Custom Requests for Supplies

Looking for a particular item for your crafting needs?

I noticed someone looking for buttons that had textures, so I presented them with a variety of buttons I had in stock. They chose the ones they liked and I put together that customized selection and listed them in my Etsy shop Patterns And Such. poof! instant happiness! I made a sale and she found great buttons at a great price!

Someone else was looking for ribbons 'n' lace as well as fabric pieces. Once again, I showed them a variety from which they chose their customized selection. In this case, there was something in her shop that I loved as well, so we traded! More happiness! we both received a treasure!

What are you looking for?

Visit my shop, Patterns And Such, and click on the Contact patternsandsuch button to send me an "etsy conversation" and we'll work together to see if I have what you need!

September 14, 2009

Meet Charlie!!

Charlie's here!!
Charlie is my new "head" - a photo prop for my Etsy hats, scarves and whatever!
I'm not sure if Charlie is male or female - although I've been referring to her as "she" when I think of her.
See what a difference she makes? The first photo
shows what the hat looks like NOW.
The second photo shows the original listing. blech! Charlie makes all the difference in the world. And those sunglasses are pretty cool, too, eh.
Be sure to visit my etsy shop - ennadoolf - to see what Charlie's going to be displaying next!!

September 13, 2009

Kitchener Knitters' Fair

Here is just a sampling from the Kitchener Knitters' Fair.

I just don't think words will do.

It was all touch.

and feel.

For more information, visit the The Kitchener-WaterlooKnitters' Guild website by clicking here.

September 11, 2009

Butterfly in my garden

Patiently waited for this shot.
Finally the butterfly stayed on the sedum plant long enough for me to snap it.

September 08, 2009

Teams on Tuesday - Groups




aka knitting nancy
aka knitting spool
aka peg knitter
aka spool knitter
aka knitting knobby
aka bizzy lizzy

We sell corkers in our Etsy shop ennadoolf.

Now, what's that got to do with Teams? or Groups?

I belong to a few different groups that use YahooGroups for communicating. Some for Girl Guides, some for Etsy teams and one for - spool knitting! This is where I "met" Maz and I wanted to show you how she decorated one of our corkers!! (it's not finished yet, but looks great so I couldn't wait!!)

Cool eh!!

September 04, 2009

September Weekend Shopping Extravaganza

Get ready, Get set.....GO!!!!

Yes, Team ESST is sponsoring a

September 5th & 6th
Come a check out all the great shops from Team ESST.

And Yes, I am taking part!

You'll find FREE SHIPPING on lots of patterns in my shop, Patterns And Such!

Check it out!

Buy now while shipping is Free!

All Sellers are invited to participate in the sale - come join us.
ALL ETSY SHOPS - HANDMADE, SUPPLIES AND VINTAGE - are invited to participate by placing an announcement in your shop and joining in with promoting on the "Official" Promotional thread in the Etsy Forums.

September 03, 2009

The Sarah

The pattern is almost done!
Of course I made one more purse while testing the instructions ... so I present to you ...
the Sarah.

Also named for a niece who now owns it.

It's one of a kind (OOAK).

Read more about it here! :)

Once the instructions are all tested properly, this pattern will be available for purchase in my Etsy shops, Patterns And Such and ennadoolf.

September 01, 2009

Teams on Tuesday - Knit a Poem

As I said in an earlier post, I signed up to knit a square for the Knit a Poem project by the Poetry Society in England. (here is my earlier post)

A knitted blank square is pretty boring - but essential for the completed project!

All those blanks are needed to separate the words and to go 'round the outside of the poem!

So, here is my knitted square:


Boring. :)

I mailed it off to England, so I wish it a speedy journey.

And I can't wait to see what the completed poem looks like!

Click here for some not-so-boring square knitting that you can use!