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November 28, 2013

Black Friday to Cyber Monday SALE at PatternsAndSuch on Etsy!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday SALE at PatternsAndSuch on Etsy!

Coupon Code HOLIDAY will get you
20% off
 anything in my PatternsAndSuch shop on Etsy 
Nov.29 to Dec.2
Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving: Canada vs USA - what's the difference?

Thanksgiving: Canada vs USA - what's the difference?

Thanks to Shoppers Voice for the above information!

November 26, 2013

Canada Post Online Shopping Deadlines

Are you shopping online?

Pay attention to these deadlines - and pay for specialty shipping if you NEED that item to arrive in time!

Shop handmade and support small business: shop ennadoolf on etsy.

November 22, 2013

Handmade Monday - Nov.25

What is Handmade Monday?

It is a nationwide movement to set aside the Monday before the US Thanksgiving to Buy Handmade.
This year it falls on November 25.

Please visit my ennadoolf shop full of handmade gifts and accessories!

November 18, 2013

Shop Local: KnitStitch

There is a new shop for knitters and crocheters and all yarn lovers: KnitStitch

Delightful soft yarn.  Skeins of loveliness.

Needles and hooks and stitch markers and more!

Drop in to see Suzanne at 609 Richmond Street in London Ontario.

November 14, 2013

Labels for Sewing and Knitting Projects - BellaMental on Etsy

Labels for Sewing and Knitting Projects - BellaMental on Etsy

I ordered labels to sew into my projects from a lovely shop on Etsy - BellaMental - the labels are exactly what I needed!  I ♥love♥ them. 

BellaMental ships to Canada and the order arrived quickly and well packaged.

Thank you Lisa at BellaMental!  She has reasonable shipping fees!  And her labels are great!!

I'd previously ordered from another Etsy shop - back in 2012 - and when I needed more and returned to that other shop, the shipping rates in that other shop had gone up from $3.75 up to $7.35 - making them more pricey than I'd budgeted for. So no order for that other shop!  That's when I went searching for someone else.  :)  Thank goodnes for BellaMental!  There when I needed her!

Watch your shipping costs on Etsy - and remember, there's usually another shop with comparable products just waiting to provide you with what you're looking for!


November 09, 2013

Shop Local: e-patches and crests

Looking for a great badge? Patch? Crest? 

Check out e-patchesandcrests.com - a great Canadian company with badges, patches and crests to suit your every need! 
Our Pathfinders still do Gold Camp.

But Girl Guides of Canada no longer provides the Gold Camp badge.

Thank goodness for e-patchesandcrests.com !!! 
We asked them. 
They created it. 
We ordered it. 
And now its available for you, too! 

November 07, 2013

Shop Local: AnyBoxToday.com - great boxes!

AnyBoxToday.com - great boxes!

Usually I don't respond to emails, but I got one from AnyBoxToday.com and I checked out their website and they looked legit, so I took them up on their offer of free samples.

They have GREAT boxes that will fit the "slot of doom" - that size restriction that Canada Post uses to determine if you can ship by lettermail or parcel. 

And they have several sizes that FIT!!!

NOTE:  Keep in mind, what's inside your box may result in shipping as a parcel depending on where you are shipping (eg. USA you can only ship paper via lettermail).

Check out their website at AnyBoxToday.com and look for them on facebook too.

Give them a try!

November 04, 2013

Shop Local: Phantastica Oddities & Curiosities

A new shop has opened in downtown London - Phantastica Oddities & Curiosities, London's Oddity & Curiosity Shop.

Blog: phantasticacanada.wordpress.com
facebook: PhantasticaCanada
Twitter: PhantasticCA
Tumblr: PhantasticaOddities

Curious?  Check it out at 232 Dundas Street, London, Ontario

November 02, 2013

Time to Turn Back the Clocks!

Well, it’s that time of year again — time to “fall back” one hour!

I ♥love♥ the extra hour of sleep.

So, remember there is the time change Sunday a.m. and you'll need to set your clocks back an hour.

Enjoy the “extra” hour of sleep!