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March 16, 2013

Pattern Review - Mary Jane Slippers

Pattern Review - Mary Jane Slippers

I learned to crochet in January 2011.  I picked up the basics fairly quickly but quickly got bored with practicing on the dishcloth I started. Of course, once I finished it, that was one lop-sided dishcloth! But I finished it and it was almost square and I gave it to a lovely lady in Punta Cana and she loved it.

Then I wanted to try another project but had no idea where to start.

Until my daughter sent me an email with a photo of a pair of slippers she wanted.

They were for Mary Jane Slippers.

And they were crochet, not knit.

It turns out, she had no idea they were crochet, she just liked them.  And since I'd just learned to crochet, I thought I'd give them a try.

This pattern is AMAZING! 

Such an easy pattern to follow!

And I made that first pair and was pleased with the result - all the mistakes were so well hidden - well, to an amateur like me, or to my daughter who couldn't tell if it was crochet or knit!  :)

I then went on to make many more of these slippers - at least 11 pair, if not more!  I love the pattern!  The recipients love the slippers!

Here is the link to Mary Jane Slippers on ravelry.

So, whether you are new to crochet, or an expert, I'd recommend this pattern!

I love it!

March 06, 2013

Pattern Review - All Wrapped Up -- Bow Headband

Pattern Review - All Wrapped Up -- Bow Headband

I was asked to knit a headband in January.  I looked on ravelry.com for a free pattern and found the All Wrapped Up Bow Headband among others.

I love it.

It is a great pattern. 

Well written and simple.

And I made 11 in less than 2 months!

They are just so popular!

1.  The first headband I made, I used a slightly smaller yarn and once complete, I just didn't think it was suitable. So I held the yarn double and re-knit it and was thrilled with the results.

2.  I didn't read the instructions for the bow very well because I didn't do the first few in stockinette stitch.  :)  They still look good, but oops.

3.  One recipient requested a flower instead of a bow, so I used this flower pattern (crochet, not knit).

All in all, its a great pattern, well received by my friends and family, and a quick knit. 

Thanks Beth of North ThirtyFourth for a great pattern!

March 02, 2013

DIY on Etsy

Today's "Etsy Finds" email had a great focus on DIY patterns and products available on Etsy.

And my PatternsAndSuch Etsy shop has lots of those for you to choose from!