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July 19, 2009

Golf, Cars, and ... Knitting

Yes, that describes my Sunday!

Watching the PGA golf tournament in Scotland on tv.
Saw a tv commercial for Canadian Tire of a guy in a car...

...and it looks like a cute little knitted bird hanging from the rearview mirror!

So, there we have it: golf, cars and knitting!
I wonder if there will be a big rush on people buying little knitted birds! If so, you should check out NattyKnits on etsy - she makes adorable little birds and things!

And the commercial, by the way, is great! The man is driving along just jiving to the beat of a song on the radio and when he turns the car off, the car keeps bumping and knocking and we realize its the car! not a drum beat or whatever for the song. LOL So the car needs to be serviced - where else? at Canadian Tire.

At least that car is rocking a cute bird hanging from the rearview mirror!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, it would have been nice if the bird was one of mine, but at least I feel like I'm "on trend" :)

    hmmm, maybe I should attach the knit chicks to keychains fo ease of hanging!