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August 13, 2011

Pattern Review - Zest Tote Bag from Joann.com

Pattern Review - Zest Tote Bag from Joann.com

Bag 1 - Side 1

I liked the look of the Zest Tote Bag (link is to a pdf file) on the Joann.com website and thought I'd give the pattern a try.

1. I did not include any quilt batting and did not stitch the quilting lines.

Bag 1 - Side 2

2. I replaced the fabric trim with battenburg lace I had in my stash.

Issues with Instructions:
The instructions are not clear on Step 3 for attaching the lining to the outer pieces - when I first did this, I automatically put right sides together but you must put wrong sides together for this step.

Ugly seams showing inside.  :(
Additional Review Notes:
I was very disappointed that the seams show on the inside of the bag - since there is a lining, I assumed the inside seams would be hidden between the outer fabric and the lining.  When I make my next bags, I will see if I can correct that and have the lining sewn separately to hide the seams.  I'll be sure to post about that project.

The project is labelled as a Skill level 2: Sewing experience needed - I am not familiar with their levels, and I've been sewing since before my teens (and that is many many years) and I would have liked to see clearer instructions for Step 3 ... or perhaps clearer drawings depicting right side vs. wrong side.

Bag 2 - Side 1
Bag 2 - Side 2
The bags did turn out great, though, and I'm sure will be loved by the gift recipients. 


  1. Thanks for sharing on the DIY party at Pleasures of the NW.

  2. I wish I was talented like this! This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)