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June 13, 2013


Sewing Machines have their own day!

June 13

It is Sewing Machine Day!


So, I will sew!

And I hope you will sew too.

And I hope that young man who was looking for a sewing machine - and found one! - in the thrift shop, will be sewing.  He was looking at a very old black Singer but I noticed the bobbin case was missing. So we moved on to another machine and its bobbin case was missing too. Both were in tables and there is nothing to catch the case if it should be knocked loose and they were gone. Then we looked at a 3rd machine and the bobbin case was there but I forget why he wasn't really interested in that one. And there was a 4th machine in a different area - so we went to look at it. A Sears Kenmore. And the bobbin case was there so I showed him how to thread the thread through and how to catch the bobbin thread. And then I showed him how to put the bobbin thread in. And that the bobbins are all different sizes. So he went off to look for staff to ask to plug it in and test it, and I went off to finish my pattern shopping!  And I saw him again near the checkouts - that is where the electrical outlet was!  So we did a test sew on a fabric shopping bag and the tension looked great. 
I think he bought it.
I hope he gets many years of sewing out of that machine.

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