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November 14, 2013

Labels for Sewing and Knitting Projects - BellaMental on Etsy

Labels for Sewing and Knitting Projects - BellaMental on Etsy

I ordered labels to sew into my projects from a lovely shop on Etsy - BellaMental - the labels are exactly what I needed!  I ♥love♥ them. 

BellaMental ships to Canada and the order arrived quickly and well packaged.

Thank you Lisa at BellaMental!  She has reasonable shipping fees!  And her labels are great!!

I'd previously ordered from another Etsy shop - back in 2012 - and when I needed more and returned to that other shop, the shipping rates in that other shop had gone up from $3.75 up to $7.35 - making them more pricey than I'd budgeted for. So no order for that other shop!  That's when I went searching for someone else.  :)  Thank goodnes for BellaMental!  There when I needed her!

Watch your shipping costs on Etsy - and remember, there's usually another shop with comparable products just waiting to provide you with what you're looking for!


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  1. I couldn't agree more! I've been ordering from her for close to a year now...always wonderful, and fast & good price (good shipping prices too!!!) Go Lisa!! :) -Rhonda with {rlee}: facebook.com/byrlee