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June 27, 2015

Tutorial - Tshirt Headband with Celtic Knot

Tutorial - Tshirt Headband with Celtic Knot

I based my headband on this tutorial (thanks so much!) and decided to add an elastic to it for some easement.

Here is the finished headband!

I started with a tshirt from a fundraiser - it was purple and that is the colour for the Trefoil Guild of Girl Guides of Canada and I was attending the Ontario Trefoil Gathering so I needed to wear some purple!

First cut off the hem at the bottom of the tshirt.

Next, cut strips across the bottom of the tshirt approximately 2 inches wide.

Like this.  And cut 2 for each headband.

Now stretch them out so they curl up - and this hides any logo or whatever that is on the "front" side of the tshirt - it will actually be the "wrong" side or inside of the tshirt that shows.  Nice way to recycle or upcycle an old tshirt!

Here are my 6 strips - enough for 3 headbands!

I forgot to take photos of me making my celtic knot!
It is the same as shown here though.
(hm, she calls it a sailor's knot and I thought it was
 a celtic knot .. well, I'm not sure so I'll just leave mine as
a celtic knot ~ if you know for sure, leave me a comment!)

Okay, back to the tutorial.

After you make the knot, this is how I did the ends.

I cut a piece from the sleeve about 5 inches by 5 inches.
Fold it in half and sew along one side to make a tube.

The tube should be about 1.5 inches wide.

Turn it right side out. 

Fold under one raw edge. 
I pinned it for the photo.

Now, set the tube aside.  
We'll get back to that.

I sewed each of the ends of my headband to stabilize them.

Then, I cut a piece of elastic about 5 inches long.
Fold it in half.
Sew it to one side of the headband.
I sewed mine about an inch from the end.

Now, take the tube and slide it over the elastic.

Slide the end you turned under (with the pins).

I took the pin out and re-pinned it just past the elastic.

This is because the tube is going to hide the elastic when we are done.

Stitch in place.  
Be SURE to catch ONLY the ONE side of the tube.

When I turn it over you can see the other side is still free.

(edited to add....Hm, actually, there is no reason for this.)
So if you want, you can go through all layers.  :)

Now, reach in from the other end of the tube and pull out the elastic.

Pin it into place on the other end of the headband.

Be sure not to twist the headband!!

Sew that elastic in place, then fold under the tube and sew it into place.

Ta! Da!

(don't look at the grey hairs!! or are they blonde??)

Let me see your headbands!!
Post them on my facebook page here.

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