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January 24, 2016

Tutorial - Tea Dye

Tutorial - Tea Dye

I needed macrame cord in a beige colour.

All I had was this roll of creamy white.

I cut a piece of the creamy white and compared it to the tiny piece of beige that I still had.

How to dye it?

I had some Rit Dye in a dark brown so I wondered how that might work.
This pink-purple colour of the top piece shown here is what the dark brown Rit Dye turned out.
Not what I wanted as I wanted it more like the middle piece.

Then I thought of tea.
So I dyed two test pieces, one in some tea I'd steeped for a while and one pressed up against the wet teabag.
Here are all the pieces: 
1. teabag, 2. steeped tea, 3. colour I was trying to match, 4. original creamy white

And since the second one is what I wanted, I put the macrame cord into the teapot!

And dyed my cord to be the perfect beige I needed.

Hm, not really a step by step tutorial, but still!

And here is where you see how I used the cord!
(click link)


  1. Thanks for sharing at the DIY party on Pleasures of the NW!

  2. I love the color that tea creates on fabric and paper. Have you ever seen the paintings they make using just tea? Thank you for this tip, I will use this for cord coloring. :)