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February 15, 2016

Recipe - Mashed Potato and Spinach Rolls

Recipe - Mashed Potato and Spinach Rolls

We went to Joey's Restaurant in Toronto for dinner.
And had the most AMAZING mashed potato rolls with our meals.
Here is a photo of the Joey's deep fried mashed potato roll from Pinterest just to get your mouth watering.

So, we got home and thought "we have to make them!"

Here is my version.

Yummy Mashed Potato and Spinach Rolls

Ingredients: mashed potatoes with spinach, spring roll wraps
Garnishes: sour cream, scallions, cheddar cheese, bacon bits

First you'll need to make the mashed potatoes. 
Going back in time to when I was a girl, I remembered my mom used to add spinach to our mashed potatoes so I thought that would be a yummy addition to this recipe.
Here is the frozen spinach in the pot with the potatoes.

Once they are fully cooked, drain the water and mash them up with some butter or margarine and some milk. I don't measure, I just add a bit until it is the right consistency.
We made enough for two nights.
The first night we had hot mashed potatoes & spinach with our meal, and since we were not making the rolls right away, I put them in the fridge until needed.

Then, make the yummy mashed potato and spinach rolls.

Scoop some mashed potatoes and spinach onto a wrap.

Fold in both sides of the wrap.

Roll the wrap - be sure to wet the end so that it sticks to itself.

I did not deep fry. 
I pan fried the mashed potato and spinach rolls in some oil, making sure to cook all sides.

Garnish and serve!

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  1. This sounds delicious (but then again, I'd put spinach in everything if I could get away with it)! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!