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January 18, 2009

random beginning...

My first post should be random, should it not? or r-anne-dom, I guess.

I've had this book sitting around for a while because there is a poem in it I want to keep. So what better place to keep it than here! and it certainly shows my views on all the maintenance required for gardening. Contrary to the poem's ending, I do prefer my lily of the valley, trilliums, and lilacs. Plus, I like that the word "fambly" is used!

The Young Gardener
by Caroline Russell Bispham

I like the dandelion best;
He wears green trowsers and a vest
To match. I'd know him anywhere
Because he's got such yellow hair.

He stands up very straight and proud
With all his fambly in a crowd.
He's got a lot of enemies,
The gardener, Dad, and if you please

My little bit of a sister Clair
Blows off his granny's old, grey hair!
I wonder why they worry him
He looks so gay and brave and trim!

I've got a garden of my own
Where all the flowers there were sown
By my old self; but then -- oh, dear --
My dandelion can't grow here.

My dandelions made of gold
Are only weeds, so I am told.
I like the tulips and the rest
But, oh, I love my weed the best!

1 comment:

  1. What a great poem! Weeds definitely thrive in my garden more than anything. Welcome to the world of blogs!