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February 01, 2009

GGC International Tie

In mid-January, we were trying to tie our Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) international ties so that the trefoil is tied in a knot in the centre of the scarf facing the correct direction and then tied around your neck.

It wasn't easy because we were trying to do this via email! and not in person. I think we all figured it out, but I have located a photo from an old issue of the Canadian Guider and I thought I'd post it for those who need a visual. Our biggest obstacle was trying to determine just how upright the trefoil could be when it was at the centre. As you can see by the photo, its not perfectly upright and looks great!

The general consensus was:
Fold the scarf in half, so the 2 trefoils come together.
Fold under the point below a trefoil corner.
This will be the trefoil youwill see.
Continue to fold the scarf making it a long skinny folded one...being sure the trefoil is always visible.
Tie a half knot in the middle so the trefoil shows and tie it under the collar in the back with a reef knot.
Thanks to everyone at e-guiding.com for your help in solving this!

As a side note, I have listed one of my vintage Guiding scarves in my Etsy shop, Patterns And Such, and will be adding more in the days/weeks to come.

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