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March 15, 2009

my etsy-versary: and a give-away!

My shop, ennadoolf, is almost a year old!

I think I need to do something to celebrate, so I am going to have a


The give-away draw will take place on
March 30, 2009!

That is my one year Etsy-versary!

Simply add a comment to this post - and be sure to include a way for me to contact you - and I will randomly (or r-anne-dom'ly!) choose one person to receive EITHER the pattern OR the dishcloth!

The draw will take place on March 30, 2009.

The SWEETHEART SWEATERS PATTERN is from a magazine and includes BOTH the patterns you see here, the PULLOVER and the VEST. Your little sweetheart will love the pretty designs, the soft comfy yarns; you'll adore the fact that they wash and dry in the machine!

This SUNNY YELLOW DISHCLOTH was handknit by me. The clover leaf design might bring a wee bit of luck to your kitchen - maybe less broken dishes? If clovers and/or yellow aren't your preference, think about it - it's for doing the dishes! :)

Simply leave a comment - and be sure to leave your email or another way I can get hold of you! Draw to take place on March 30, 2009.

And don't forget to visit ennadoolf.etsy.com for all your handmade gifting needs!


  1. Hi Anne. Love your blog, and the name you gave to it - r-anne-dom - is so clever. This is my first visit, but I will be back. You are doing a great job with it.

    If my name were to come up in your drawing, I LOVE your yellow dishcloth with the pretty clover leaf design, but wouldn't have any use for the pattern because I don't make sweaters. I'm left-handed and sweater patterns have to be completely read in reverse to come out correctly, so after one attempt many, many years ago, I gave up, switched from knit to crochet, and concentrated on crocheted animals & toys where there is no definite left-right side. LOL.

    Happy One-Year Etsy-versary! I just celebrated my FIRST on March 3rd. It's been a fun first year! I'll leave my email address in a convo to your shop :-). May your 'Year Two' on Etsy be blessed with much success!

  2. Your shop is too cute!!! I love what you do, but, alas, can't knit anymore due to arthritis... I do love the yellow dish cloth, however.

    I am watching all the neat ideas that people have for their etsy-versaries. My one year comes up in September!

    I also enjoy your posts on WWWG. This is somethingupmysleeve.etsy.com!

  3. Hi Anne! I've been folowing your blog and your posts for a while now and was glad to see this generous offer you've got going! I'm in need of a wee bit of luck in my yellow kitchen and elsewhere, so I thought I'd let you know that I'd LOVE it if your r~anne~dom~ness were to fall upon my posting!


  4. Hi Anne!
    Nice blog and lovely photos and the cozys are simply precious! Should my name be drawn for the win. I"d love the yellow wash cloth!

    Regards, Bonnie from WWWG and at Sugarplumbaby :)

  5. Hello Anne.
    I enjoy reading your blog. Happy aniversare.If my name were chosen I would enjoy the lovely pattern. The give-away is a great idea.


  6. Bonne Anniversaire!

    Your coffee cozies are simply a hoot!

    I love the patterns... I have a 2yr. old daughter and a 1 yr. old granddaughter. Plenty to knit for, eh?

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Nikki (from Etsyknitters)
    jesus_iscomin AT yahoo DOT com
    My7kids Recycled Yarn Shop
    HeartFeltFun Accessory Boutique
    My Thoughts on Life, Yarn, Kids, and Other Stuff

  7. Hi, your Topsy Turvy Happy-Sad OOAK Handcrafted Doll is so cute =)

    I will follow you.

    http://bikimiki.etsy.com (CLEARANCE SALE)