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June 07, 2009

Russia this week. Austria last week. Next week...?

No, I'm not on a 'round the world trip. :) These are the countries I've been selling to! From my Etsy shops!

This week I mailed an item to Russia.

Last week, I mailed to Austria and the UK.

The week before it was Wales and Ireland, and the week before that the Netherlands.

There were also sales to different states in the US - New York, Washington, Washington DC, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Michigan, and Alabama. I've shipped to other states too, but not in the last month or two.

And in Canada, to British Columbia recently, but to other provinces in other months.

So, I've decided to add a list of countries to my blog! and states in the US and provinces in Canada. and show where I've been shipping. It's so exciting to see all the different places, whether it's close or far, it's still exciting.

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  1. Wish we had a world map we could add to our blogs! Congrats on your world wide fame! I too have had an increase in world-widness! France, Ireland, England just this week. Oh, and of course, Texas! I wonder if the new search has helped? I did notice that my items come up when people want to search by 'ship to countries, even though I mention only Canada & US by name + Everywhere else. Many customers were brand new to Etsy, so maybe google has helped to.

    Whatever it is, ENJOY!

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  2. Look at you, Madame International Seller. I've always been a little wary of selling overseas but I don't know why. You give me something to think about!

    BTW, love the blog!

  3. Thanks Cher!
    Thanks Beverly!

    I get so excited with each sale - don't tell my former geography teachers, but I love learning a bit about each place I sell to! :)