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September 29, 2010

Wednesday Wonder - Mary For Mayor

My sister is running for Mayor of Ramara Township.

Mary said:
"I just feel there is different things we can be doing in the township and I just want to get out in the Ramara Township and see what the people want."

What the people want.

Too often we find that politicians have their own agendas.

I generally don't talk politics.
Political conversations often grow into heated discussions. In my experience both sides voice their opinions and neither is able to convince the other to change their opinions or views. 

Recently there was a vote held in Canadian government. It doesn't really matter what the vote was for - but on the news, I heard that one of the politicians from Nova Scotia was not going to vote the way his party wanted him to. Why?  Because he was going to vote the way his constituents wanted him to.  Well, isn't that why we vote people in to office in the first place? and why do so many of those elected forget that so quickly?

If I lived in Ramara Township, I would vote for Mary.

I am proud of my sister.

If you live in Ramara Township, I hope you vote for Mary.

1 comment:

  1. The world seems to be filled with self-serving politicians all clamoring to get their share of the pie. Lord knows that we down in the USA have MORE than our fair share of them.

    I voted Obama for president, hoping for a change, but not much has happened. Perhaps our government has gotten so big and so corrupt that the only way to rectify things would be to toss out all our politicians and start over ... sans all the perks, payoffs, and exorbitant salaries and pensions that they've allotted themselves.

    I wish your sister success.