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June 22, 2011

Where are your Needles and Hooks?

Where are your needles and hooks?

I received this beautiful flower pot from my daughter and it's the perfect size for my crochet hooks, shorter knitting needles and various tools needed for knit/crochet work.  And that adorable fairy watches over them to be sure that when I use them, I won't lose stitches or mess up the pattern.

My dpns are stored inside this tin - the Victorian-esque print on the tin is Christmas-themed, but I like it and keep it on display year round.

I was thrilled to find these see-through cases at a yard sale!  I had no idea what they were but knew I'd find a use for them. Originally I thought I'd use them for mini first aid kits for Girl Guides, but when I needed something to carry my essential knitting tools, I realized their true purpose in life!  I now have two of them ready to go into any knitting project bag.  They hold my stitch markers, measuring tape, small scissors, stitch holders and anything else that fits. 

And see the little tube with the blue ends?  This holds my blunt end needles for sewing up the ends of my projects - and it originally stored "jumbo erasers for automatic pencils" - I think leads for pencils come in similar containers. 

Another gift from my daughter was this amazing metal vase - perfect for knitting needles! 

How have you recycled items to store your crafting supplies and tools?

What ideas do you have for similar storage gems?

Leave a comment and share with us!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful solutions to a tricky storage situation. I have containers I've been using for years, but none are pretty! I think I need to change that after seeing yours.

    The only piece I have that is pretty, is my custom hanger for my circs. I have made it out of a water marked taffeta and used decorative stitches to make the channels for the cables. Love it. Just too lazy to take a picture. **Good idea for a blog post!